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LOT: 150

Beit Yitzhak—Chernowitz 1860, copy of the Admor Rabbi BetzalelYair of Alexander, with his signature.

Sefer Beit Yitzchak, on the laws of Treifut in Shechita by Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Eliezer - Cerhnowitz 1860. [1], 87page. Title page and other places have signatures of ownership of of "BetzalelYairben Admor of Alexander.” On the second page is a signature in his handwriting, various stains, a new binding. Very good general condition. The Admor of Alexander, Rabbi BetzalelYair Danziger (1865-1934) served as Admor in Lodz. He was the son of the first Rebbe of Alexander, Rabbi Yechiel Danziger, and the brother of Rabbi YerachmielYisrael Yitzchak Danziger (the YismachYisrael), and Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Danziger. Books with his signature are considered especially rare, especially in the condition as it is found here.
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