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LOT: 127

Letter from the Rebbe with additional handwritten note “L’Besorot Tovot” and more—Tammuz 1964.

Typewritten letter on official letterhead, a general personal letter sent often by the Rebbe but with handwritten changes and additions by the Rebbe to the individual receipient. From the 12th of Tammuz 1964, “certifying that I received his letter – without a date”. The Rebbe adds by hand: “the pidyon nefesh yikareh al hazion.” The Rebbe writes about the Yom HaGeulah and adds a blessing: “May Hashem influence you, together with your brothers of beis yisrael, filled with life and blessing, ad bli dai bracha”. Handwritten signature and additional “L’Besorot Tovot” (for good news). 1 leaf, folding creases, light stain and small hole without damage to text, overall good condition.
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