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LOT: 126

Letter from the Rebbe for a boy’s third birthday and upsherin (chalaka), with a handwritten bracha. Elul 1991.

Typewritten letter on official letterhead of the Chabad Rebbe, from the 5th of Elul 1991. With a blessing for “the third birthday of their son… [upsherin]”, with a copy of part of a letter from the Rayatz about cutting hair and this tradition. The Rebbe adds a blessing by hand that the parents may raise the child together for Torah, chuppah, and ma’asim tovim, as well as a ketiva and chatima tova, with his original handwritten signature (it is clear that this is an original signature and not a facsimile). [1] leaf, inside an original envelope from the Rebbe’s office. Folding creases, overall good condition. The Chabad Rebbe, the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch, was the 7th leader of the Chabad movement (11th Nissan/18 April 1902 – 3rd Tammuz/12 June, 1994).
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