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LOT: 237

Letter from the Rebbe with the blessing “for a Talmud Torah with Yirat Shamayim” signed by the secretary—Adar 1966.

Typewritten letter on the official letterhead of the Chabad Rebbe. With a blessing for a happy birthday, “may hashem make you have a year of success in learning Torah and keeping the mitzvot. With a blessing for “Talmud Torah with Yirat Shamayim”. Signed by the Rav’s secretary, Rabbi Shalom Menachem Mendel Simpson “in the name of the Admor.” Many letters were signed by the secretaries. The Chabad Rebbe, the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch, was the 7th leader of the Chabad movement (11th Nissan/18 April 1902 – 3rd Tammuz/12 June, 1994).
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