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A Collection of 2 Books by Rabbi Chaim Palagi. Salonica, 1859-1863

1. Sefer ‘Kaf HaChaim’, first edition, Salonica, 1859. With a dedication in Sephardi handwriting. 9, 307 leaves. 15 cm. Without a binding. 2. Sefer Chaim, first edition, Salonica, 1863. With a magnificent red binding with gold embossing. [6] 146 leaves. 17 cm. Rabbi Chaim Palagi [1788-1869], one of the foremost later sages. Rabbi, commentator, posek and Kabbalist. In 1837 he was appointed as Av Beit Din of the Beit Din HaGadol of Izmir which was comprised of 45 Rabbis, and in 1857 he was appointed to the highest position in Izmir – the ‘Chachan Bashi’ (chief rabbi), and his appointment was even approved a year later by Sultan Abdulmejid I with a royal approval, giving him the authority to judge and to enforce his rulings and he was given authority for the entire Jewish community. Rabbi Chaim was known for his many books, amounting approximately 80, which he began to write at the age of 16, and which deal with a wide range of topics: 7 works on the Bible, 9 works on the Talmud, 15 books of Midrash and homilies, books and mussar and 24 works of halacha, Kabbalah, responsa and many other books. At the end of writing each book, he would hold a festive meal and give out his books without recompense. He never sold his books. Overall condition: Good.
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