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LOT: 137

A Collection. With Stamps of Great Rabbis and Their Glosses

1. Sefer Lev Aryeh, novaelle on tractate Chulin. By Rabbi Aryeh son of Rabbi Yehuda of Brody. Lvov,1621. The copy of Rabbi Shabtai Berlin Av Beit Din of Koznitz, author of the book Me’at Devash - two parts. Several ownership stamps and glosses. Original leather bindings with embossing. 2. A volume of the Babylonian Talmud, tractates: Rosh Hashana, Yoma and Succah. Warsaw, 1887. A separate title page for tractate Succah in black and red. Long and impressive glosses on tractates Rosh Hashana and Succah. The glosses’ content has not been examined. Pages 2-9 of tractate Rosh Hashana are missing. 3. Shu”t Sridei Esh on Even HaEzer and Choshen Mishpat. By Rabbi Yechiel Yaakov Weinburg. Jerusalem, 1966. The copy of Rabbi Yisrael Weltz Av Beit Din of Budapest, immigrated to Israel in 1946 and known as one of the greatest Rabbis, was one of the heads of ‘Otzar HaPoskim’. Author of the book Chok L’Yisrael and other books. He was buried right next to Rabbi Aharon Belz. With a long gloss in his handwriting and his stamp.
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