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LOT: 120

Manuscript-Questions and Answers by the Gaon Rav Shlomo Kloger—written in his holy handwriting!

6 large pages written very tightly on both sides, of the page, holy handwriting of the Gaon HaRav Shlomo Kloger. Content and answers: 1. Answer 159 on halachot of Ta’arovot, 2. Answer 240 on Choshen Mishpat. 3. 241 on shchita. 4. 242 on milk and meat. 5. 243 on Yoreh De’ah, 6. 244 on ta’arovot, 7. 245 on pedion habechor, 8. 246 on Pat akum, 9. 247 on issur shorah b’nevela, 10. 248 on shchita, 11. 249 on melicha, Page and condition: 24x38cm, larger pages than normal. Around 30 lines per page. Thick, quality paper in excellent condition, bound with new, fancy leather binding. The Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Kloger: 1786-1869, one of the great poskim, wrote compositions on all the professions of Torah at a prodigious magnitude. In 1888 Blumberg printed with his grandson, HaRav Yehuda Aaron Kolger, a book “Toldot Shlomo,” a history of his life and list of his books that had been printed and written in manuscripts, where they listed around 150 compositions in their possession that remained as manuscripts and some of which needed to be printed. In total, 12 written pages, rare and extremely important item.
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