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LOT: 028

Complete, handsome set of Mishneh Torah of the Rambam—Berlin, 1880. Rare

Complete set in rare condition, the Mishneh Torah with all of its subjects and the book “Kobetz Al Yad Hazaka” by the Gaon Rav Nachum Trivitch. 8 sections in 4 volumes, each volume has 2 sections each with a separate cover. The covers are in black ink and gilded and accompanied by a wood carving of a well and shepherds in the shade of palms, with verses around them. Printed by Julius Zittenfeld, Berlin. New leather binding. Stains. Rare. | Volume 1: [7], 128; 170 pages. Volume 2: 140; 105, [1] page. Volume 3: 105, [1]; 141, [1], 1-95 pages. Volume 4: 143; 168 pages. | 43cm. Generally good condition.
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