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LOT: 192

Collection of receipts from the Talmud Torah HaKlali and the Etz Hayyim yeshiva in Jerusalem, mentioning and signed by dear members of the Karta d’Yerushalayim

Collection of around 50 interesting documents, giving a rare glimpse into the Torah life of old Jerusalem. Receipts and vouchers for scholarships for avrechim of the Kollel of the Etz Hayyim yeshiva, and one document summarizing the amount given to each avrech, with signatures of the avrechim testifying to having received the scholarships. Among them are important rabbanim from Jerusalem, including: Elazar Brissel, Menashe Rosenfeld, Nissan Aharon Tukochinsky, Yitzhak Natan Kuperstock, Zvi Michal Heller, Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Zvi Pesach Frank, Yosef Zvi Salant, Yeshayahu Winograd, Binyamin Zeev Chashin, Eliyahu Zlatnik, Shmuel Shapira, Yehusohua Barim, Zeev Dov Chechik. No defects, very good condition.
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