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LOT: 266

Collection of receipts from the gamach Sha’arei Chesed, signed by rabbis of Jerusalem.

Between 1911-1916, on official letterhead of the Sha’arei Chesed neighborhood. Each signed by between 3-5 rabbis of the community, including Rav Eliyahu Ram, Ra’avad of a beit din in Jerusalem; Rav Zerach Ephraim Epstein, head of the Torat Haim yeshiva where many gedolim studies; Rav Avraham Aharon Prague, author of the series Nerot Aharon; Rav Yehiel Michael Tukachinsky, head of the Etz Hayyim yeshiva. And more. | Collection of 143 numbered and dated items, with payment amount, receiver, reason, and signature. | 15x11cm. Generally very good condition.
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