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LOT: 009

Collection of 8 important books from Jerusalem printings.

1. Gan Yerushalayim, includes 7 articles on issues related to high and lofty subjects. By RavGedalya Nachman Brader. Levi printing (gilded letters on the cover). Jerusalem 1851 2. TshuvotMaharish. By RavYisrael Yaakov Yavetz. Cover has a handwritten dedication stamped by the author. Jerusalem (no publisher name and year). 3. ShlematHayyim, printed by Horev. Jerusalem 1935. 4. Lev HaIvri, 2 sections, by Rabbi AkivaYehosef, jacket cover, colorful other than the covers. Zuckerman printing, 1884. 5. CheshbonPrateiHaMitzvot, 2 sections, by RavZvi Aryeh Goldman (two separate covers for each section). Levi printing, 1904. 6. Yalkut Ephraim, by Rav Ephraim HaLevi. Pritned by Nissan Bak. 1877. 7. TzrorHaHayyim, on the alphabet. Jerusalem, Levi printing, 1905 8. TiferetYisrael, RavYisraelSchankman (with dedication by the author). Printed by the Diskin Orphanage. 1942. Various sizes and conditions, generally good condition.
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