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Collection of 18 books from North Africa

“Sharvit HaZahav,” Casablanca 1938, good condition. “Shesh Anochi” with the book “Rach v’Tov,” Casablanca 1937. Good condition. “Minchah B’Lula” Casablanca 1937. Good condition. “Dai HaShav” with the book “Em LaMasoret,” Casablanca 1950. Good condition. “Vayichacham Shlomo,” Casablanca 1955. Good condition. “Ner Mitzvah” Fez 1939. Good condition, handwritten dedication. “Shnot Haim” Dar El Beïda, 1958. Good condition. “Rakik Echad” on the Pesach Haggadah—rare. With “Anaf Shushan” Casablanca 1935. Good condition. “Heitivu Nagen,” Fez 1930. Handwritten list. Ok condition, missing the end. “Yashir Moshe,” Casablanca 1959. Good condition. “HaMalkut” Dar El Beïda, 1930, missing the title page, good condition. “Menuhat Shalom,” first section, in Judaeo-Arabic on Psalms, Susa 1935. Generally good condition, number of defective pages. “Paritz Elklov,” translation of the book “Hovat HaLevavot” into Judaeo-Arabic. Casablanca, printing year unlisted (after 1914). Good condition. Pamphlet “Et Safud” Susa 1934. Dust jacket, good condition. Pamphlet “History,” first section, in Judaeo-Arabic, Casablanca 1953. Good condition. Pamphlet “Seder Hayom,” Dar El Beïda, no year given. Pamphlet “Kol Sason,” Casablanca 1953. Pamphlet “Seder Tahara,” Casablanca 1950. In total, 18 volumes, different sizes.
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