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LOT: 049

Collection of 12 books printed in Djerba and Tunis

1. HaMlo’im L’Moshe by Rabbi Avraham Damari, including a dedication by the author on the back of the cover. Djerba 1932. Bound together with translation of Ketatav Peleh Yo’etz, 3rd letter. Djerba 1929. Tape and tears. Generally ok to good condition. 2. Sfatei Rananut—slichot for Elul. Djerba 1946. Tear on the last page, damage to text. Generally very good condition. 3. Prayer by Rabbi Yishmael Kohel Gadol. Djerba—Tunisia. 1913. 4. Booklet for Shavuot including HaTikva at the beginning. Djerba (no year) 5. Kbol Altorat v’Alasher Klamat. Susa (no year of printing), soft binding, generally good condition. 6. Haftarat Tisha B’Av with Arabic pitaron, Tunisian custom. Livorno 1866. Generally good condition. 7. Menuchat Shalom on Psalms. 3rd section, printed in Susa (no year). Generally good condition. 8. Mincha Chadasha, siddur mincha and arvit for the whole year. Djerba 1930. Binding disconnected, stains, generally good condition. 9. High Holidays, Yom Kippur. Tunis. 1901. Detached pages, tear on last page, no damage to text. Generally good condition. 10. Zerah Yaakov, Djerba 1938. Generally good condition. 11. Rashi Belarabi—Exodus Djerba 1941. No binding. 12. Azharot for Shavuot. Tunisia 1906. Binding detached, generally good condition.
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