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LOT: 009

Chumash with siddur for Shabbat. Zhitomir 1853.

Exodus with Targum Onkelus, Rashi, the Ba’al HaTurim, Sfatei Khachamim and Kitzur Alsheech. With megillat Esther and Targum Sheni. At the end of the Chumash is a siddur for Shabbat (Shacharit, mussaf, and yotzrot for Parshat Zachor and HaChodesh). Nusach Sfard. With the Mi Sheberach for the Czar, mentioned by name: “Our lord Czar Alexander Nicholas Pavlovitch and his wife the Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna, and his son.” Some of the cover is printed in red ink. Printed by the Shapira brothers. Listing and stamps of ownership. Folding in the margins. Stains from time. New leather binding. 212; 27 pages. 23cm. Generally good condition.
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