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LOT: 127

Chiddushei HaRitba – copy of the Admor Rabbi Alter Beiderman of Sosnovitz, son of Rabbi Elazar Mendel of Lalov, glosses. Rare.

On Masechet Yevamot, printed by Rabbi Yitzhak Madpis, Sadilkov, 1833. Light blue pages, two stampf of ownership of Alter ben Rav Eliezer Menachem,” the Admor Rabbi Alter of Sosnovitz-Lalov. The cover page has a handwritten listing of ownership, Yitzhak David, probably the signature of his uncle Rabbi Yitzhak David, son of Rabbi Moshe of Lalov, who was called after two of his elders, one from his mother and one from his father: Rav David of Lalov, and the Yehudi HaKadosh of Peshischa. Glosses handwritten in pencil. Books signed by Admorim of Lalov are extremely rare. | The Admor Rabbi Alter Avaraham Betzalel Natan Neta (1862-1933)son of the Admor Rabbi Elazar Mendel and brother to Admor Rabbi David Zvi Shlomo of Lalov. Returned to Poland during the First World War and settled in Sosnovitz. There he became known as the “Admor of Eretz Yisrael.” He was the son-in-law of his cousin, Rav Binyamin Yehuda Leib Bernstein. Stamps and listing of ownership. Moth damage. [1] 56 pages. 34cm. Generally ok to good condition.
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