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Chanoch LaNa’ar, first book by Rabbi Haim Na’eh, in Persian! Only edition, Warsaw 1912. Rare!

Released when the author was only 22 years old, with halachot of tefildlin, with a drasha for a bar mitzvah in Hebrew and Persian (Judeo-Bukharian to be precise). Published under his father’s name (Haim Mendeleev), when he was sent from Jerusalem to Samarkand (Uzbekistan) as a shaliach, where he served for two years while wearing the clothing of the Jews of Bukhara. 56 pages. Generally good condition. Original binding is a little worn. Rabbi Avraham Haim Na’eh (1890-1953), the Ba’al HaShiurim, was born in Hevron to Rabbi Menachem Mendel, an important Chabad Chassid. When he returned from Samarkand he served as a rabbi for many years in the Bukhari Quarter of Jerusalem. A great posekk in Jerusalem and important Chabad chassid.
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