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LOT: 311

Booklet for the fundraiser for Yeshivat Torat Haim—including a recommendation handwritten by Rav Kook.

Written for the Shaliach Rabbi Yaakov Eisenbach, Jerusalem, with a letter handwritten by Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook, when he served as Chief Rabbi of Israel, letter written entirely by hand and signed, and on the page opposite it appears a translation of the Rabbi’s letter into English. Colorful cover, decorative calligraphy. The first pages have the form of the request in Hebrew and Yiddish to the Jews of America, from Sivan 1925, written in artistic handwriting, with a combination of colorful inks, signatures and stamps of heads of the yeshiva: Rabbi Simcha Winograd and Rabbi Zerach Epstein. An additional recommendation appears for the Shadar to the US, written and signed by the rabbi of Pittsburgh at the time, Rabbi Moshe Shimon Zeivitz (1851-1936). The pages of the booklet are all full with names of the donors and the amounts of their donations. Stains from the past, original binding is inscribed, generally very good condition. The item was brought to auction from a private collection.
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