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Book "Nishmat Chaim", Salonika Tk"s

Book "Nishmat Chaim" questions and answers with explanations on the Sm"g, and sermons, Rabbi Chaim ben David Abulafia, Salonika Tk"s (3) A - Z'b A - P'D pages, original cover, good condition. Rabbi Chaim ben David Abulafia, T"n - Tkl"h, nephew of Rabbi Chaim Abulafia Mh"s Etz Chaim, was the great Rabbi of Izmir "and his days were acting from his commands only", a large assay on Sm'g burned in the great Fire in Izmir in Tkl"b, and here reprinted small part of his responses and novelty that was saved, Perush Passover Haggadah printed in his student's book "Ashdot Hapisga", Nispad in the book "Yad Shlomo", and in "Kidesh Yadid".
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