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LOT: 107

Book Maase Tuvia- Yasnitz Tp"a in 1721, copy

Book Maase Tuvia [also called Sefer Haolamot], Parts I - III. Astronomy and research, medicine and anatomy, by Rabbi Tuvia Katz Harofe,Yasnitz Tp"a in 1721, second edition, drawings and diagrams to describe many different topics in the natural sciences, separated gates to second and third part, owner signature (cutoff) of Rabbi Leib Gedaliah Hidlshiimer, stamped cost of Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer Tk"f-Trn"t student Rabbi Yaakov Ettlinger, author of "Candle editeHaaroh Laner" rabbi and leader of the Jewish community in Germany and Berlin, with his colleague Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch. Moth damage, missing 7 pages in the middle of the book.
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