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Book "Chidushei Hilchot Maharsha with Maharshal", Amsterdam - Signature and Glosses of Rabbi Isaac Halevi Gibraltar.

Book "Chiddushei Halachot" Maharsha, with a book "Chochmat Shlomo" - Maharshal on the Talmud, aiming Page on page, Amsterdam first edition of these two basic books together. Signed at the gate and a few glosses and corrections in the handwritting of Rabbi Isaac Halevi - Rabbi of Gibraltar, author of 'Pat lechem veyaiin' , and Jewish religious Book, and glosses 'Yoreh Deah' were printed in the book 'Li Yeshuah' from his son Rabbi Yeshua Halevi. Excellent condition (except for a slight imperfection in the gate), leather-covered wooden cover (without buckles original).
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