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Birkat Mo’adecha LeChayyim, second section, by Rabbi Haim Palagi. First edition, Izmir 1871.

Birkat Mo’adecha LeChayyim, with drashot by Rabbi Haim Palagi. This is the last work (of 80) that the Kaf HaHayyim managed to published during his lifetime, with a collection of drashot that he gave on holidays and yamim tovim. [2], 159 leaves. Very good condition, stains. Rabbi Haim Palagi (1788-1868) was among the greatest achronim. He was a rabbi, commentator, posek, and kabbalist. In 1837 he was appointed as Av Beit Din of the Supreme Court in Izmir (with 45 rabbanim), and in 1857 he was appointed the Chacham Bashi (Chief Rabbi) of Izmir. A year later the sultan Abd Al-Majid the First gave royal assent to his appointment as Nisan, which gave him powers to act as judge and execute his orders, such that he was singularly responsible for the Jewish community. He published many books, starting from age 16 and which covered a wide variety of topics: 7 on Tanach, 9 on Talmud, 15 on midrashim and drashot, other works of mussar, and 24 works on halacha, kabbalah, Shut, and other subjects. After writing a book, he would hold a seudat mitzvah and give out his books for free. He never sold his books.
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