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Beit Lehem Yehuda, first section, by the kabbalist Rav Yehuda Patya. Jerusalem 1936.

The book is an exegesis on the family tree of the Maharhav by the kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Moshe YeshuaPatya (1859-1942), a great kabbalist and sage of Babylon. Student of the Ben Ish Hai in Baghdad. After he moved to Jerusalem in 1934 he studied at the kabbalist yeshiva of RavHaSadeh, together with his friend Rabbi Yaakov Haim Sofer, the KafHaHayyim. He was a teacher and kabbalist, who dealt a lot with tikkunim and amulets, and over the years worked to free dybbuks and evil spirits, as he tells in his book “HaRuchotMesaprot.” During World War II he authored prayers and tikkunim, and organized prayer ceremonies of great kabbalists to save the people of Israel from the awful events of Europe. Authored Beit Lehem Yehuda, MatokLaNefesh, and additional books. This edition of the book was printed during his lifetime. Printed by Haim Zuckerman, Yehuda Amram Itach. Generally good condition.
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