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LOT: 011

Babylonian and Jerusalemite Talmud – Zhitomir 1858-1863

Vol. of ‘Shas Zhitomir’ (Tractates: Berachot – Veseder (12) Zraim, Iruvin, Gitin, Kidoshin, Ketubot, Baba Metziya, Avoda Zara, Sanhedrin, Makot, Horayot, Eduyot, MaschatotKetanot, Shavu’ot, Oz, Berachot, Arachin, Tamid, Temura, Kinim, Kritot, Midot, Me’ilah, NedaVeSederTaharut) (1) Jerusalemite Vol. second version (Tractates: Yoma, Suka, Shekalim, Rosh HaShana, Beitza, Ta’anit, Megila, Chagiga and MoedKatan). Important and highly demanded edition of the Shas. Bound with original and magnificent leather bindings, part of which are stamped. The volumes were well preserved. With ownership signatures and dedications. Most of the signatures belong to Simcha BonamNovovlesky of the founders of the city of Bat-Yam. Also, there appears a signature and stamp of Abraham Taprovitch Matikotzio and Beit Knesset Valnoar Lodge. And more. Of the Shapira family of Slavita printing house, which closed as a result of a complaint and reopened anew in the city of Zhitomir in 1847 by the grandson of the Slavita Rabbi, Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira and was in business until 1864. In this printing house, editions of Shas were printed for the third time, including Rabeinu Asher, Moreinu Harav Rabi Shmuel Eideless, Rabbi Yitzhak Alphasi, commentary by Haran and many other additions.At the start of every Vol. there are two cover page, part of them, prtinted in red ink. There are also cover pages at the start of every tractate. The style of the page is of the most magnificent that could be seen until that time period. At the end of the Shas Vol. the composition ‘Meir Nativ’ for Rabi ShabtaiHaCohen was added to some of the tractates. It is well known that the ‘ChazanIsh’ was particularly fond of using editions of Shas Zhitomir, because of the composition ‘Meir Nativ’, which does not appear in the other tractates. The books printed in Slavita and Zhitomir print, are known to possess a unique holiness, the tool and letters used to print the books were soaked in the mikve before printing begun. It is said that possessing a book in the print of Slavita or Zhitomir brings about virtues of success and protection of the home.39 “cm. Stains of wear and tear and moisture without damage to the text. Moth holes. Overall good condition.
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