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LOT: 048

“Avodat Kodesh” by Maran HaHida, Livorno 1802.

Includes four compositions: “Moreh B’Etzba”—laws and traditions for throughout the year, “Tziporen Shamir”—laws of prayer, tefilin, rehabilitation of offenders, “Kesher Godel”—laws of tefillin, tzitzit, prayer, and blessings, “Kaf Achat”—prayers for throughout the year, with various segulot. By Gaon Rabbi Haim Yosef David Azulay, the HaHida. Printed by Eliezer Sa’adon. Size 14cm. Most of the book is in good condition, the cover page of Moreh B’Etzba is damaged and missing (restored), moth damage in a number of places.
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