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LOT: 058

Autograph copy of the book Zevach Todah and the pamphlet Halachot Treifut in the holy handwriting of the Maharitz. Sana’a, Yemen—1784

On halachot of shekhita and a pamphlet on treifut with commentary on the Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah, handwritten by Me’eri Yehiel Tzalach, the Maharitz. In the introduction is a note from his son, Rabbi Yehuda Tzalach (“I inherited this from my father, of blessed memory, whose soul is in the Garden of Eden, – Yehuda ben Moreinu v’Rabbeinu Yehiel Tzalach”). Rabbi Yehuda was the second son of the Maharitz, and as is known, he served as a member of the Supreme Beit Din of Sana’a (Encyclopedia of Yemenite Sages, p. 497). According to this testimony, this is the first copy that was held by the Maharitz his entire life. The autograph manuscript before us is one of the famous copies among Yemenite manuscripts. Size: 16x23cm. 170 pages in handsome handwriting, by the Maharitz. Notes and additions in the margins. Very good condition. Me’eri Yehiel Tzalach (1715-1805) was a great sage of Yemen in the 18 th century, a dayan and Rosh Av Beit Din and Chief Rabbi of all of Yemenite Jewry, composer of Lehem Todah and Pe’ulat Tzedek, and more. A founder of the Yemenite nusach (Encyclopedia of Yemenite Sages, p. 500-502).
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