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LOT: 046

Sefer Mishneh Torah of the Rambam. Incunabulum, printed by Soncino, 1490—many glosses in an ancient Ashkenazi handwriting from the time of the book’s printing.

Partially missing copy. Most of Sefer Zmanim, a large part of Sefer Nashim and Kedusha, and a number of pages from science and the Book of Love (Sefer Ahava). The glosses are long and in ancient Ashkenazi handwriting from the period. Some of the glosses are “Maimonite” glosses with additions and changes from the printed, and some have the inscription “from the mouth of Rabbi Shalit” and some “Ramach.” As is known, “Maimonite” glosses are additions to the Rambam written by Ashkenazi sages from the Maharam’s beit midrash in Rottenburg, collections and additions according to Rashi and Tosafot HaMaharam of Rottenburg and other Ashkenazi sages of his generation. The Maimonite glosses were authored and established by the Ramach (Rabbi Meir HaKohen), a direct student of the Maharam of Rottenburg, first printed in the Rambam edition printed in Kushta in 1509. In another edition of the Rambam from 1524, Maimonite glosses were printed in a completely different phrasing from the Kushta edition, and this phrasing was printing in all subsequent editions of the Rambam’s books until today. The glosses in the manuscript before us are more identical to the Maimonite glosses printed in Venice, but some have many changes and some are not found at all in the printed edition. It is possible that these glosses were copied from an earlier manuscript since in a number of places the Maharam of Rottenburg is called “Mori Shichi” or “Mori Shalit”, which is different from the later printed editions and manuscripts. In the manuscript before us there are additional notes and glosses in Yemenite handwriting from the 17th century. Around 91 pages (original had 380), with an additional page inserted in Yemenite handwriting. Around 30-32 -pages. The pages are in varying condition, with stains, wear, light moth damage. Some of the glosses have smudged and are cut with missing bits and wear. Ok condition.
Starting at $20000
LOT: 047

Tor Orech Chayim. Venice 1566.

With the Beit Yosef commentary. Third edition, printed during the author’s life (Maran Rabbi Yosef Karo (1488-1575). An almost complete copy (two pages of the table of contents are missing), preserved in the best possible manner. An extremely rare item. Printed by Zohan Gripo. A wonderful engraving on the cover page. New, handsome leather binding. Many ancient signatures and listings of ownership on the cover page—content not examined. Stains from time. Moth marks. Tears in the margins 24, 460 page. 33cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $1500
LOT: 048

Tor Yoreh De’ah, Venice 1574. With handwritten glosses.

With Beit Yosef commentary, printed during the author’s life. A complete copy, printed by Bonbirgi (di Gara). At the beginning of the book (page 1b of the introduction by Maran Rabbi Yosef Caro, and 1d at the start of halachot shechita) a beautiful frame surrounds the first words, made of a wood engraving with fruit, shapes, and flowers. Glosses in Mizrahi handwriting. Listing of ownership. Quality paper. Stains, moth marks, a number of pages are repaired. New, handsome leather binding. 400, [28] pages. 35cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $1300
LOT: 049

Talmud Yerushalmi, second edition. Krakow 1609.

Second edition of the Jerusalem Talmud, four sections in one volume. At the beginning of Zra’im is a general cover, and each of the last sections has a separate cover page. Two columns per page, and next to them are commentaries edited by Rabbi David bar Menashe of Krakow, known as Rabbi David Darshan. Printed by Yitzhak Prostitz, Krakow. On the cover page is an ancient listing of ownership: “Yehuda Livi bar Elazar HaKohen Shalit, a man of Millhausen.” Hundreds of glosses in the local tongue. Colorful page cuttings. New, handsome leather binding. Stains, a number of pages are professionally restored. 65; 83; 66; 51 pages. 35cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $4500
LOT: 050

Talmud Yerushalmi, three volumes. First edition. Venice, 1523.

Zra’im, Nashim, and Nezikin. Printed by Daniel Bombirgi. The first word of each of the sedarim is framed by a beautiful frame. The first word of each of the masechtot is framed also by a frame. Thick pages. Booklets in Zra'im Cover and 3 first leaves were completed in the photograph Nezikin volume last page partly completed in photocopy Rebound in cloth binding, several professionally restored leaves, moth holes and stains. Page 40 cm. General: Very good.
Starting at $9500
LOT: 051

Rabbeinu Asher on Halachot Ketanot. First edition. Bombirgi printing, Venice 1522.

Halachot: Sefer Torah, Mezuzah, Tefillin, Tzitzit, Tum’at Kohanim, Chalah, Kilayim, and Orla. This release is the first edition of the Rosh published by Bombirgi. Generations of printings of this work were set according to the page setting of this edition. These pages have undergone professional restoration. 9 (originally 15) pages. 35cm. Generally very good condition.
Item sold at $3000 Starting at $3000
LOT: 052

Chiddushei Agadot of the Maharsha. First edition, published during the Maharsha’s life. Glosses handwritten. Lublin, 1627-1632. Rare.

All of the Shas in one volume. The page numbering is different from that held by the National Library. By Rabbeinu Shmuel Eliezer HaLevi Idlesh. The Maharsha in his commentary on the Shas, wrote chiddushei halachot and agadot separately. Afterwards he regretted that decision, as he writes in his introduction to the chiddushei halachot: “This is why I was wondering about having divided this work into two sections, that is one section on chiddushei aggadot…but I couldn’t put it back together into one volume because the trouble.” In order to fulfill the tzaddik’s wishes, later editions combined the two (Mitz printings) together. Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer HaLevi Idlish—the Maharsha (1555-1631) was a great sage of his generation. A descendent of the Klonimus family, whose lineage ascends all the way to King David. His father-in-law Idel led his yeshiva in Poznan for 20 years, which is why he was called Idlish. Among chassidim, the saying of the Ba’al Shem Tov is known that “if the world only knew the great power of the Maharsha they would lick the dust from on his grave.” There were, among the first chassidim, some who followed the Ba’al Shem Tov’s and actually went and licked the dust from atop his grave. | Long notes are handwritten at the beginning of masechet Megillah and Masechet Sukkah. Listing of ownership. Original wood and leather binding is partially preserved with remains of closing fasteners. Moth marks. No cover page. First page missing. | 47, 90, 125, 44 pages. 30cm. Generally ok to good condition.
Item sold at $3800 Starting at $200
LOT: 053

Nahalat Avot. Venice 1545.

On Pirkei Avot, with Rambam’s commentary and Abarbanel. 216 pages. 21cm. New binding, moisture stains. Generally very good condition.
Item sold at $800 Starting at $500
LOT: 054

Maor Einayim. First edition. Mantova, 1574. With pages disconnected and glosses handwritten.

With corrected pages (see below). The book has three sections: Kol Elohim, Hadarat Zekainim, and Imrei Bina. By Rabbi Azarya di Russi min HaAdumim (1513-1578), an Italian sage, historian, and researcher. The book Maor Einayim was boycotted by the Italian rabbis immediately after its appearance, since Rabbi Azarya min HaAdumim tried to set the words of Chazal within and adapt them to the accepted research of his era and his personal experiments. For that purpose, Rav Azarya explains a number of aggadot not according to their pshat, and in certain cases says that Chazal erred in their understanding of nature, and similar things, including things that oppose the flow of tradition. HaChida writes that during his final days, Rabbi Yosef Karo ruled that the book be boycotted, but he didn’t manage to sign that edict. The Maharal of Prague disagreed vehemently with the author, and even composed part of his book Be’er HaGola against the book. However, the Shedi Chemed sees the fact that the prohibition of the Maran of Beit Yosef was never put into place, a sign from God that the book was meant to reach the public. The author, attempting to prevent the book’s boycott, replaced a number of pages (52-3, 81-2, 87-8). The copy before us has the corrected pages. Because of the corrections, there are changes among the book’s editions. Quality paper, wide margins. Listings of ownership. Many handwritten glosses. New, handsome leather binding. Moisture stains. Moth marks. A number of pages are professionally repaired. 194 pages. 23cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $2500
LOT: 055

. LeKol Chefetz. Only edition. Venice, 1552.

The wording of bills that was typical in Israel (shidduchim, ketubot, sale, loans, etc.). By Rabbi Eliezer Mili, rabbi of Ferrara, a sage of Italy. At the beginning of the book is a printed dedication by the author to Yehuda bar Shmuel Abarbanel, and his mother Signiora Binvinita, an in his dedication he thanks Don Shmuel Abarbanel and his son Rabbi Yehuda for their support in it. The book before us is one of the few books printed by the printer Daniel Adil-kind in Venice. Printed on thick, quality paper with wide margins. Many lists of ownership and glosses that were not examined. Stains from time and ink. New binding. [16] pages. 21cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $700 Starting at $700
LOT: 056

Ma’arikh HaMa’arakhot—a Hebrew dictionary. First edition, Paris 1629.

Dictonarium Absolutissimum, on the roots of the Holy Tongue, by Philip d’Aquin. “Includes Leket, Shichecha, and Pe’ah…all of the words from the roots, organized and interpreted in an easy order…by the teacher of Hebrew in the government of King Louis de Bourbon…” The cover page is a mixture of Hebrew and Latin, and the [3] first pages are also in Latin. Philip d’Aquin (approx. 1578-1650) was a converted Jew. The king Louis XIII gave him the title of Professor of the Hebrew Language. He composed and translated many books, including a translation of Bechinot Olam and Pirkei Avot. Stamps of ownership of Rav Yosef Shlomo Safsal, member of the Council of Torah Sages. Original parchment binding, worn a little. Page [5] is disconnected. Stains over time. [12] 584 pages. 37cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $600
LOT: 057

Print with the portrait of Rabbi Haim HaLevi Soloveitchik. Berlin, beginning of the 20th century.

From an engraving by Herman Shertok. 21.5x14.5cm. Good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 058

Lot of 14 shana tova cards and pictures of the Tzaddik Rabbi Elazar Brizel.

Sent by Rabbi Elazar Brizel with pictures of him and his family. He was an elder of the Karlin-Stolin Chassidic group, dear colleague of many of the great sages of his generation who taught Torah to the masses, years of his life were spent spreading Torah, both across Israel and in Jerusalem specifically. Was in contact with the Chazon Ish, Gaon of Tshevin, Gaon of Teplik, and others. It is wonderful to note the story that when he was about to die—he was 97 years old—around 100 of his descendants gathere around him and began to read psukim “Hashem Melech, Hashem Hu HaElokim,” and Shema Yisrael. One of his grandsons answered that because the phrase “I believe” was so constantly said by him, they ought to all recite the 13 principles for strengthening their belief. They accepted the idea and did so. A few hours later his will was found. Inside was written “If I merit that they will gather around my bed when my sould leaves, they will say “I believe” together with me.” Different sizes and conditions, generally very good condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $100
LOT: 059

Sefer Torah written by hand on Ashkenaz (Beit Yosef) parchment in a small format. 19th century.

Nice handwriting, a little smudged in some of the book. Parchment is 30cm. Uniform, full writing, not sold as a kosher scroll.
Item sold at $1000 Starting at $1000
LOT: 060

Sefer Torah written by hand on parchment. North Africa, 20th century.

Uniform, readable, complete writing. Smudged in a number of places. Height 45cm, given in a wooden housing. Generally good condition. Not sold as a kosher scroll.
Item sold at $1000 Starting at $800
LOT: 061

Sefer Torah written by hand on parchment. Europe, end of the 19th century.

Fine Ashkenazi handwriting, uniform writing throughout. Complete, readable. 40cm. Given with etzei chayim with bone and a purple cloth case from the period. Generally good condition. Not sold as a kosher scroll.
Item sold at $1300 Starting at $1000
LOT: 062

Sefer Torah written by hand on parchment. Europe, 20th century.

Fine Ashkenazi handwriting, uniform writing throughout. Complete, readable. Large format, 65cm. Given with etzei chayim from the period, a velvet, burgundy-colored cover. Generally good condition. Not sold as a kosher scroll.
Item sold at $1100 Starting at $1000
LOT: 063

Housing for a Sefer Torah, pretty, made of bone; includes the sefer torah. Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th century. Extremely rare.

Beautiful housing made entirely of carved bone. At the top is a designed crown and handles for finials (rimonim). Flower decorations, Star of David in the style of Betzalel work, engraved inscriptions of the 10 commandments. At the top is the verse “v’Zot HaTorah Asher Sam Moshe Lifnei Bnei Yisrael” and at the bottom “Torah Tzivah Lanu Moshe Morasha Kehillat Yaakov.” Probably done at the beginning of the 20th century. Includes a Sefardi sefer torah with nice handwriting, uniform throughout. Height: 52cm. Generally good condition. Not sold as a kosher scroll.
Starting at $7000
LOT: 064

Miniature megillat Esther written by hand on parchment. End of the 19th century.

17 lines handwritten on each column, parchment, nice handwriting. End of the 19th century. Height of the parchment: 7cm. Height of the writing: 5cm. Faded writing in some of the letters. Generally good condition. Not sold as kosher.
Item sold at $350 Starting at $250
LOT: 065

Kol Koreh poster calling for prayers for the Jews of Europe. Jerusalem, 1939 approximately.

A call by the rabbis of Jerusalem to come to pray in synagogues for “our brothers who are in a close and painful battle, and their blood spills like water.” As is known, the Yishuv in Israel refused to believe the extent of the destruction taking place in Europe, and these posters were required to awaken them from their ambivalence. Signs of folding, holes, tears in the margins without missing text. 30x46cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 066

Haggadah di Hitler, Rabat, Morocco. 1945 approx

A pamphlet called Haggadat Hitler, written via an example of a Pesach Haggadah on the saving of the Jewish people from Pharaoh, according to the verses required in the Pesach Haggadah. By Nissim ben Shimon. 13 pages, 16cm. Very rare.
Item sold at $325 Starting at $180
LOT: 067

Lot of two booklets on the Shoah and Siberia. Israel, 1975/6.

1. “Accused by those burned in the furnace”—testimonies, documents, and certificates on the criminals responsible for the Shoah. Israel 1975. 2. Letters from the Diaspora—from Siberia with Love: letters by the Prisoner of Zion Iliya Gelzer. Printed by Ya’il, Rehovot 1976. Different sizes and conditions, generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 068

Lot of 4 books from Va’ad Hatzala. Munich-Augsberg. 1946-9.

1. Pirkei Avot with commentaries, Mishlei Avot, Emunat Avot, and Ma’aseh Avot, Munich 1947. By the Committee for Book Publishing at the Rescue Committee. [1], 29-96 (starts from 29, not missing any subsequently), 22cm. Binding disconnected. Generally good condition. 2. Machzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, according to the Sefardi minhag, every piyyut in order…with Likkutei Zvi, and mishnayot with commentary…for the refugees in Germany, by the “Religious Committee” of the Joint Committee, Munich 1949. Inside the binding: “The generation of the binding is that which will be renewed and succeed in being redeemed.” By the Religious Office of the Joint Committee, which, through its humble and quiet work, helped them build a temporary life in the Diaspora of Germany on the basis of religious and their forefathers’ traditions. Soft binding. Good condition. 250 pages. 21cm. 3. Kitvei Kodesh Twenty-Four, Kings 1 and 2, published by the Rescue Committee, Munich 1948. Generally good condition. 4. Survivors’ Siddur, Nusach Sfard including prayers for the whole year. Augsburg, 1946. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 069

Lot of 16 books of various communities.

1. Lot of 2 volumes of the Des community, in English. Tel Aviv. 2. Yekatrinoslav—Danproptrovsk—Tel Aviv and Jerusalem 1973. 3. History of the Jews of Kazmarok and the surrounding area. Jerusalem 1992. 4. Encyclopedia of the Grodna Diasporas, 9th volume. Jerusalem 1973. 5. Encyclopedia of the Ternopil Diasporas, 3rd volume. Jerusalem 1955 6. The First to Revolt—published by the Encyclopedia of Diasporas, Jerusalem 1957. 7. Memory Book for the 23 communities destroyed in the area of Švenčionys. Tel Aviv, 1965. 8. Memory Book for the Jews of Latvia. Tel Aviv 1953. 9. The Town of Haita in Lithuania. Tel Aviv 1989. 10. Booklet of German and Bavarian Communities. Jerusalem 1972. 11. Volozhin, The Story of the City and the Etz Haim Yeshiva. Tel Aviv 1970. 12. Pinsk, a Testimonial and Memory Book on the Pinsk-Karlin community. Tel Aviv and Haifa 1973. 13. Jews of Lithuania, 3 volumes (in one volume), published with the book 1960. 14. Encyclopedia of Diasporas, Brisk, Lithuania (Volume 2). Jerusalem 1954. 15. Thousand Year Pinsk. In Yiddish. New York, generally good condition.
Item sold at $280 Starting at $150
LOT: 070

Lot of 20 books of various communities.

1. On the Kotzk community in Yiddish, Buenos Aires 1949. 2. Ozerkov, by Yehuda Leib Levin, Jerusalem 1967. 3. Ostraha, Jerusalem 1966. 4. Bratislava (Pressburg), published by the Mossad HaRav Kook, 1960 5. Yizkor Barnov (Barniv), edited by N. Blumenthal. Published by Yad Vashem 1964. 6. “To Awaken Yizkor” in Yiddish. 7. Memory book for the community of Ohanov and the surrounding area. Tel Aviv 1981. 8. Wolkovisk, Tel Aviv 1988. 9. Hordonka, edited by Shimshon Meltzer. 1964. 10. Booklet on Ostraha, edited by Ben Zion H. Ilon—Baranik. Tel Aviv 1960. 11. Klosova, edited by Haim Dan. Published by the Kibbutz HaMeyuchad. 1978. 12. Booklet on the four lands by Yisrael Halperin. Jerusalem 1945. 13. Memory Book for the Torka community, edited by Yitzhak Zigelman. Haifa 1966. 14. Yizkor for the Chechnov community, edited by A. Wolf Yasni. Tel Aviv, 1962. 15. Krakow, published by the Mossad Rav Kook. 16. Karvakin, a Yizkor book. Tel Aviv-New York-Paris, 1972. 17. Encyclopedia of Diasporas, first volume of Warsaw, edited by Yitzhak Greenbaum. Jerusalem-Tel Aviv 1953. 18. Radam, in Yiddish, Tel Aviv 1961. 19. Radam, in Hebrew, Tel Aviv 1961. 20. Booklet on Bedzin, published by the Organization of Former Residents of Bedzin, Tel Aviv 1959. Different conditions, generally good.
Item sold at $325 Starting at $150