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Auction No. 7 - 28.10.2015


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LOT: 076

. Shirim Muvcharim (Chosen Songs), printed in Aden 1933—with HaTikva. Rare.

Collected from a number of nice books, and also new songs that they would sing in every happy occasion, first printed by Mantzoor Yehuda Aaron Adani, put together by the young Tov O’atz Yehi. Rare book. On page 12 it has HaTikva. 19 page, 2 title pages including a cover, some pages are loose, stains from use, light defects in margins without damage to text.
Item sold at $190 Starting at $100
LOT: 077

Volume of the Lisbon Tanach manuscript, decorated, from 1483, facsimile, Israel 1989.

Illustrated and decorated with spectacular decorations and colors, made by Shmuel HaSofer Even Mussa of Lisbon, includes the five books of the Torah and a list of the 613 mitzvot organizied by parshah, and the companies that Asher and Naftali split into. Color facsimile edition published by Nahar Tel Aviv. Thick volume, excellent condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 078

. Photocopy of first printing of Rabbeinu HaOr HaHayyim on the Torah, first section.

Photocopy edition of the first edition of the Or HaHayyim on Bereishit (Genesis), published on his yahrzeit, 1971 by distributors of Or HaHayyim, Skver housing project. Excellent condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 079

“Kerk-Zeeden” Book from Amsterdam, 1693

Book on the subject of the church’s salvation of the Jews, in Dutch, by Simon Richard, 1638-1712. With wonderful engravings of a Jewish wedding and more. They are folded and open on the right side. 17cm. 64, 200, (10), 203, (5) page. (4) page. Excellent condition, old binding.
Starting at $350
LOT: 080

First edition of the book “Brit Yitzhak,” on the 8th night of the Bris, Amsterdam 1729. Very rare—signature of the Rav Hai Moshe Pigoto. With page in his handwriting and notes.

To be read on the eighth night prior to the Bris, for continuing the wire of kindness (khut shel chesed) and sanctity to the born child and to all those involved in the mitzvah; according to the traditions of Turkey. Upon the book’s first publication, it spread amongst all the Diaspora communities, and was published in dozens of editions. On the title page is the signature of the Rav Hai Moshe Pigoto—one of the important Sages of Aleppo, Syria, compiler of the book “Vayichal Moshe,” Vienna 1814. Died in Damascus 1815. Additional signature on p. 18. At the end of the book is listed by hand the birth of the son, with a handwritten page on the order of “Brit Yitzhak”. (2) 38 page. 18cm. (Winograd Amsterdam 1342). Very rare book. Missing the first three pages after the title page. Parchment binding is disconnected and pages are disconnected. Pages are in generally good condition, a few stains.
Item sold at $240 Starting at $120
LOT: 081

Set of 3 volumes of Mishnayot, Venice 1705.

Voweled Mishnayot volumes: 1. Seder Kedoshim, at the end are 3 commentaries on all the foreign recommendations throughout the mishnayot, explained according to their origin and issue; organized alphabetically, good condition, binding is disconnected, stains. 2. Seder Nashim and Tikun HaLimmud, for learning Tanach according to the days of the week, light moth damage, loose binding, missing the last page from the pamphlet ‘Tikun HaLimmud’. 3. Seder Nezikin (missing and starts from the middle of Avoda Zara), the title page is there. ‘Taharot’ as well (separate title page) missing a number of individual pages at the end. No binding. Stains. Volumes are a pocket edition, size 14cm.
Starting at $120
LOT: 082

Lot 3 rare books from the 16-17th centuries—with handwriting and signatures.

1. “Beor Kohelet,” a comprehensive exegesis on the Book of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), by HaRav Elisha Galiko, Venice 1577 printed by di Jara, only edition.. Missing title page, the book begins with page 1 until the end. At the end of the book are 2 drashot in Moroccan handwriting “the drash that I gave at my daughter’s chuppa” with an additional handwritten drash “drash that I gave at the death of HaRav Tzemach Doran.” Moth damage in the interior margins with very slight damage to the text in a few spots. 2. “Mishpatei Shmuel” questions and answers, from HaRav Shmuel Kalai, Venice 1599, only edition, missing title page (added as a photocopy) and 5 last pages; the rest are in excellent condition. Stains. On the 2nd page is a signature in Italian script “Yitzhak Nahon” with a number of corrections in his handwriting. With stamp of ownership of HaRav Haim Berlin ben HaNatziv, short gloss and a number of corrections in his handwriting. 3. “Akeidat Yitzhak” (The Binding of Isaac), interpretations on the Torah with Kabbala, from HaRav Yitzhak Arama, Venice, Daniel Bombirgi printing 1547. Second edition. The copy is missing 9 pages, before us is page 5-305. On the spine is stamped the name of the Gaon Rabad Hevron “Eliyahu Mani.” First and last pages are in bad condition, the rest are in ok-to-good condition, on page 108 there is a handwritten gloss.
Item sold at $450 Starting at $300
LOT: 083

Mikraot Gedolot “The First Prophets”, Basel 1618.

Volume of Mikraot Gedolot (Important Texts), with interpretations on the “First Prophets.” Basel 1618, printed by Ludwig Koenig. (1) 234-441 page. Size 42cm. Nice title page with an architectural border. A number of pages at the start and end have moth damage. 2 final pages have damage to the text.
Starting at $200
LOT: 084

Lot of books, parts of books, from 16-17th century—with the book ‘Ma’aseh Tuvya’ Venice 1707, first edition, missing pages.

Large lot of missing books from the 16-17th century: HaRif with ‘Nimukei Yosef’ on masechet Baba Metziya and Baba Batra, Sabbioneta 1554. Before us is p. 115 until the end. 2. Parts of books from Mikra’ot Gedolot from one of the editions of the 16th century, leather binding. 3. “Torah Or”, drashot on Genesis according to the Pardes, Venice 1600, copy is missing the title page, before us is p. 2-287, very rare. 4. “Shvilei Emunah” studies on the paths of emunah, medicine, and collection of content, Amsterdam 1627, copy has from p. 4-109. 5. Sfardi Machzor for High Holidays, Venice 1639, HaRav Aryeh of Modena, who wrote at the end “so said the young and sad Yehuda Aryeh of Modena.” Before us is page 188 until the end of the book. 6. The Kuzari with commentary ‘Kol Yehuda’ by HaRav Yehuda Moscato, Venice 1604. First edition with commentary. Very rare. Before us is p. 13-283, missing a number of individual pages at the end. 7. “Sha’arei Dim’ah” Venice 1586, with very heavy moth damage, bad condition. 8. Some parts of books from the 16-17th century. 9. “Ma’aseh Tuvya” first edition, missing the beginning and end.
Starting at $250
LOT: 085

“Mishneh Torah” First section, first edition with “Kesef Mishnah” Venice 1574. Rare.

Mishneh Torah of the Rambam, first section with insights from the Rabat and Maggid Mishnah with the commentary “Kesef Mishnah” of Maran Rabbeinu Yosef Karo, HaBeit Yosef. It is known that this edition was proofread by the Rambam with great precision. There are a number of signatures of ownership, “the young David Yaakov” and a number of glosses in Yemenite handwriting, the copy is missing the title page and a number of pages from the table of contents (of the mitzvoth and index of the Rambam) 22 pages—before us is 15 pages. 1-316 pages complete. Condition is different for different pages, most are in ok or good condition.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $100
LOT: 086

The book “Tiferet Yisrael” (Glory of Israel) which includes six nice drashot from seven scholars, with the book “Megillat Sefer,” commentary on Megillat Esther, by the Rav Shlomo, son of HaRav Tzemach Doran. Venice (Friedberg 1533). (According to Winograd it was printed in the year 1591).

On the first page is a handwritten Italian signature “Yehoshua Avraham Ishtrok”. 212 pages, the copy is missing, we have up to 88. Slight defects in the title page without anything missing, the rest is in excellent condition. Complete copy of the book.
Item sold at $110 Starting at $100
LOT: 087

Tor Yoreh De’ah with “Beit Yosef” Venice 1574. Signature of the Gaon HaRav Yitzhak Dov HaLevi Bamberger

Four lines of thought on the Yoreh De’ah with commentary of the “Beit Yosef” of Maran Yosef Karo, printed and typeface of Bombirgi. Thick tome, 400 (28) page. 34cm. Third edition (Winograd Venice 595). The volume is signed by HaRav Yitzhak Dov HaLevi Bamberger: 1808-1879, known as the Wurzberger rebbe. In the year 1840 he was appointed to the Rabbinate of Wurzburg. Considered one of the Sages of his generation and many rabbis of Germany were his students. Wrote important compositions on halacha and Talmud, “Yad HaLevi” “Netiya shel simcha”, “Mlechet Shamayim” and more, he conducted extensive communication with the rabbis of his generation such as the Gaon HaRashar Hirsh and Eliyahu Gotmacher of Griditz and more. Most of his sons and sons-in-law were appointed to the Rabbinate and were Torah scholars, in different cities in Germany and Switzerland. HaGaon Rabbi Yitzhak Zakil Bamberger was made a dayan in the Haredi community of Frankfurt-am-Mein from 1869. Old wood binding, covered in leather, with remnants of leather clasps. Worn and disconnected, moth damage mainly in the internal margins, signatures of ownership on the title page written in sfardi and Ashkenazi handwriting. Pages are loose.
Item sold at $400 Starting at $400
LOT: 088

“Tzror HaMor” on the Torah, Venice 1567. Rare.

“Tzror HaMor” exegesis on the Torah b’pshat (the direct meaning) and a little on the “hidden way” (Kabbalah) and articles on the Zohar and different issues from the Razal, composed by Rabbi Avraham Saba. Third edition (Winograd Venice 551). 165 pages. List of ownership on the title page in Italian handwriting “Gortzi of Ferrara the capital” with a number of glosses in Italian handwriting. Nice copy, generally excellent condition. Stains—dark. Defects in the margins of the title page have been restored. Fabric binding with a new spine made of leather, in a fitting box
Starting at $800
LOT: 089

“Ta’amei HaMitzvot” Recanati, Kabbalah, Basel 1581.

The reasons for the mitzvoth of the Torah, exegesis on the Shema and intentions of the prayers according to the kabbalah, by the Kabbalist HaRav Menahem Recanati. 48 page, second edition. New leather binding, all of the pages with defects and professional restored, very little damage to the text (individual letters), pg. 44 filled in with photocopy on similar page. Signature of ownership on the cover page “I am the young Yeshaya bar Nissim…”
Item sold at $800 Starting at $800
LOT: 090

“Divrei Rivot” Venice 1587. Nice copy—rare.

Questions and answers on rulings of Even HaEzer and Hoshen Mishpat, by the Gaon Rabbi Yitzhak Adrabi. Printed by Di Gara in Bombirgi typeface, second edition, 198 pages (Winograd Venice 703). Important and rare book. Size 29cm. On the title page of the book is an old signature of ownership in Ashkenazi handwriting. Copy has been kept in generally good condition, with nice new binding, lone moth marks that have been professionally restored, a few stains.
Starting at $750
LOT: 091

Lot of sections from rare books printed in Arash, 16-17th Centuries, different conditions.

1. Rav Elphas, 3rd section, Riva 1558 (with title page, damaged). 2. “Masoret HaBrit HaGadol,” Mantua 1622. 3. Mikraot Gedolot, Prophets, Bombirgi printing, Venice 1647. 4. “HaYad HaHazaka L’Rambam” with the Maggid Mishnah (maybe first edition), dressed in a Prague printing. Engraving of the Beit HaMidkash on one of the pages from previous printing. A few other parts of books, the material wasn’t examined closely. Most of the books are missing only the beginning and end but most of the book is there. Different conditions, sizes. Moth damage.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 092

Complete set of the Book “HaLevush” in four sections, Venice edition 1620.

4 sections of the book: 1. “Levush HaTechelet” on the “Orech Haim,” seond edition, 301 (2) page. (Winograd 1123). Good condition, very few bits of insignificant moth damage. Nice, new binding. 2. “Levush Ateret Zahav” on the “Yoreh De’ah,” third edition, 148 (2) page. (Winograd 1124). Moth damage in the margins and the last pages. Good condition. Nice, new binding. 3. “Levush HaBotz v’Argaman,” on the ‘Even Ha’Ezer,’ third edition, 87 pages (Winograd 1122), good condition, a few bits of moth damage. Nice, new binding. 4. “Levush Ir Shushan,” on the ‘Choshen Mishpat,’ third edition, 162 (2) page. (Winograd 1125). Handsome copy in good condition, lone bits of moth damage. Before us is a complete set of the Levush by HaRav Mordechai Yafe, Venice edition printed by Yonai Kayon, all of the title pages are handsomely done with borders done in architectural motifs of Venice. All of the volumes are of equal size, 33cm. A foundational and important halachic text.
Starting at $1600
LOT: 093

Questions and Answers from Mahari Kolon, Cremona 1557.

HaRav Yosef Kolon, second edition. 12, 172 page (Winograd Cremona 17). Important book, one of the founding works of halachic literature, one of the greats of the Rishonim and mentioned countless times in the book of Maran Beit Yosef (Ovadia Yosef). Apart from moth damage in the margins of the title page that have been professionally restored, it is in excellent condition; thick, quality pages. Nice title page with border in an architectural motif, bound with new fabric binding. Old signature of ownership on the title page in Italian handwriting—“yosef…”
Starting at $1100
LOT: 094

14 pages of Gemara from ancient printings, rare, 15-16th century printings that were saved from the volumes’ geniza. Rare.

1. 5 pages seemingly from Salonika/Istanbul. 2. 8 pages of Gemara seemingly printed by Daniel Bombirgi in Venice. 3. Page from Rimini, 1525 approximately. In total 14 pages, different conditions of wear, stains and moth damage, different defects. Ok to bad condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $150
LOT: 095

Book “Mitzvot Gedolot” printed by Daniel Bombirgi, Venice 1522—very rare.

Additions and innovations on the halacha according to positive and negative commandments in the Torah. By the Rav Moshe Makotze. Printed by Daniel Bombirgi. 248 pages. (Winograd 66). Separate title page for the positive commandments. One of the foundational holy texts. Thick tome, generally good condition, there are some defects in the margins of some pages, all of which have been professionally restored. Throughout the book there are handwritten additions from a number of writings in Italian and Ashkenazi script, emendations and additions in the indices. Bound in new, handsome leather binding.
Starting at $4000
LOT: 096

“Knizal,” Constantinople 1525.

Exegesis on Rashi on the Torah, Vayikra (Leviticus) by HaRav Shmuel Knizal Yaakov Elmoshnaynu. Only edition. Copy is missing the beginning and end, damage to the text, condition of the book is bad to ok, 31cm.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
LOT: 097

. “Mikraot Gdolot” (Great Happenings) Vayikra—Devarim, printed by Daniel Bombirgi Venice 1525—first edition

Mikraot Gdolot with commentaries printed by Daniel Bombirgi, first edition, edited by Yaakov ben Haim Even Adoniyahu, used as a founding text for all editions of the Pentateuch that came after (Winograd 100). Bad-to-ok condition. Many large rips with missing and damaged text, stains.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 098

Unknown Incunabula of Rashi’s Commentary on the Torah—a historical discovery—10 pages, Spain, 1484 approximately.

Historical discovery of 10 pages of an incunabula recently discovered. Rashi’s commentary on the Torah with many important formulaic changes that are not reproduced in other ancient printings; the book was printed using letters that are unknown to other printing houses from the 15th century. The pages were analyzed by Professor Yitzhaq S. Penkower from Bar Ilan University. Here is an excerpt from his study: “The ten pages were taken from another book’s binding. On every page, around 22-23 lines have survived out of 36 lines originally. Additionally, each of the ten pages was cut in two down the middle, and on every line there around six letters missing between the two halves. There are no page headings. No markers. 1. Paper—Signs of watermarks—on five of ten pages (1, 2, 4, 7, 9). Generally similar to Brika 11150 (1484) if only because the shape in the incunabula are more symmetrical. 2. Date: According to the watermark, found on five pages, it is possible to date the incunabula to 1484 approximately. 3. Location: Until now nine incunabulæ have been identified with Rashi’s commentary of the Torah: 1-Rome c. 1470, 2-Reggio di Calabria 1475, 3-Wad Elhagara (Guadalajara) 1476, 4-Bologna 1482, 5-Soncino 1487, 6-Ishar 1490, 7-Lisbon 1491, 8-Napoli 1491, 9-Zamora 1497; Prints 4, 6, 7, 8 included the same Torah nussach, and 4, 6, 7 included Targum Unkelus. Amongst these copies, there is a particular similarity between 3 and 6—they were both printed in Spain; and between 4 and 5—both printed in Italy. There is similarity between #9 and the new one in front of us. Because 9 was printed in Spain, there is room to logically state that this new incunabula was also printed in Spain, given the analogy to the other two pairs above. General description of the incunabula: 10 pages: 1. 6 pages of Behalot’ha-Korach (Numbers 10:21-18:30—with skips). 2. 4 pages, Matot-VeEt’hanan (Numbers 32:24-Deuteronomy 3:24—with skips)—it has Numbers 32:24-33:49, 34:3-6, 34:11-35:25, 36:4-Deuteronomy 1:2, 1:6-13, 1:16-25, 1:41-2:16, 3:1-24. There is one more complete page, from a different copy (collected from gniza at Cambridge University). The adjacent page to the tenth page is here, and is complete with: Deuteronomy 1:41-3:1, 3:1-4:9. The page that adds to this incunabula the commentaries on the following verses: Deuteronomy 2:16-3:1, 3:25-4:9. Printed using two different sets of letters of the Sfardi style: 1. Rabati block letters—the opening words (names of parshiyot), 2. Medium letters and ligatures of alef and lamed—for conjunctions, two types of nun, one especially small and similar to the small kaf. The similarly small nun is found in Rashi’s commentary, in the Ishar 1490 edition and in the Lisbon 1491 edition. Signs of embossing: abbreviations—a dot above the last letter of the shortened word; acronyms—quotation marks above the abbreviation; signs of special words—quotation marks above the word; such as “patah,” “kamatz,” “hashin”; signs of pauses in printing—superscript apostrophe; often superscript quotation marks; filling of lines is done by changing the spaces between words in a line; the name of God is done by a double yud. “Elahot” means “Elohim”. For comparison of Rashi’s commentary, in addition to the other nine incunabulæ, another 35 handwritten Rashi’s commentaries were examined (also those of Mikraot Gedolot, Venice 1525): 22 Ashkenazi, 7 Italian, 5 Spanish, 1 Mizrahi. For the full research read the attached material.
Item sold at $44000 Starting at $25000
LOT: 099

Megillat Esther on parchment, with a housing made of olivewood.

Megillat Esther written on parchment, 21 pages, 21 lines, size 17cm, size of the housing is 40cm. Good condition.
Item sold at $280 Starting at $150
LOT: 100

Miniature Megillat Esther written by hand on parchment with a silver, decorative housing in delicate filigree. Israel. 20th century.

11 lines of text, nice and exact writing, given in a silver, decorative case made entirely with delicate filigree work. Top of the housing is a decorative crown with gemstone. Size of the parchment is 5cm. Size of the writing: 3cm, the house is 21cm. Israel. 20th century. Special and impressive item.
Starting at $2500