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LOT: 001

. Rare! Menachem Zion [Riminov]—printed by the Shapira brothers in Zhitomir, bound with other important works of chassidut.

1. Derech Tov by Rabbi David Shlomo ben Birech—Chernowitz, 1855. 24 pages. 2. Lev David by Rabbeinu HaHida. With additions and glosses by Rabbi Yitzhak Shimshon Horwitz Meizlish of Chernowitz, early edition. Chernowitz 1855. 72 pages. 3. Likkuteu Ramal, divrei Torah and hanhagot by the Admor Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib of Sasov, copied from a manuscript handwritten by him. First edition, Chernowitz 1856. At the end is a copy of a letter written on Motzei Shabbat 12th of Cheshvan 1796 “to Kohanim, Leviim, and Israelim”, with exciting guidance on modesty and acting peacefully. According to the publisher 18 pages, this copy has 20 pages however! (Stefanski Chassidut 293). 4. Menachem Zion by the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov. Early edition, Zhitomir 1857. Pritned by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shapira, grandson of the Slavita Rav. Partially missing copy, 50 pages instead of 53 in the original. 5. Ayala Shlucha, “a holy manuscript on the Torah by the Tzaddik Rabbi Naftali of Rofshitz…” Second edition, Zhitomir 1876. Partially missing—44 pages instead of the original 49. Last page is torn with missing text, partially repaired. Separate covers for each of the books, old binding is preserved and detached, various stains, generally good condition. A few places bear a stamp: “Avraham Moshe Babad Gorahomora Bukovina.” His name is also noted by hand. Back of the binding has a Marei Mekomot handwritten with notes for many of the books in this volume.
Item sold at $550 Starting at $180
LOT: 002

. Sefer Chassidim by Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid—printed by Shapira in Zhitomir, 1857. Original, handsome binding.

With a commentary added (Brit Olam by HaHida), printed by the grandsons of the Slavita Rav, Rabbis Chanina Lifa and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. 144 pages. Moth holes and stains. Original leather binding with decoration in the center in a different color, with various defects. Generally good condition. Various notes. Bookplate (Ex Libris) of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Maimon-Fishman of Jerusalem, and his son Avraham Elimelech, a Sofer Stam.
Starting at $350
LOT: 003

Tikkun Leil Shavuot and Hoshanah Raba “overseen by Rabbi Chanina Lifa of Slavita”—Jozefof 1842.

Seder Leil Shavuot and Hoshanah Raba with all the ma’alot printed previously in Slavita, printed in Jozefof using the press previously in Slavita and overseen by Rabbi Chanina Lifa Shapira of Slavita. 175 pages (supposed to be 165). Moth holes and damage. A bit of damage to text in some places. Otherwise generally good condition. Signature of ownership on the cover: “Mendel Meir Bames Chizovoy[?].”
Item sold at $375 Starting at $350
LOT: 004

Tikkunei Zohar, original handsome binding—Zhitomir 1863.

Tikkunei Zohar written by the Holy Tana Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochay, organized according to the pattern of the Slavita printings, printed by the grandsons of the Slavita Rav, Rabbis Chanina Lifa and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. [2], 182 pages. Cover with red letters. Moth damage, various stains and defects. Original leather binding with decoration in the center in a different color, with various defects. Generally good condition. Various notes. Bookplate (Ex Libris) of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Maimon-Fishman of Jerusalem, and his son Avraham Elimelech, a Sofer Stam.
Item sold at $400 Starting at $400
LOT: 005

Lot of 5 volumes from Masechtot of Shas printed by Shapira—Zhitomir 1859-1864.

Lot of 5 volumes of Masechtot from Talmud Bavli, printed by the grandsons of the Slavita Rav, Rabbis Chanina Lifa and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. 1) Masechet Yoma, 1864. 95, 9 [supposed to be 10], 222-230 pages. 2) Masechtot Zevachim and Menachot in one volume, 1859-1860. [1], 133; [2], 118, 63-88 pages. Each of these masechtot has two covers. 3) Masechet Nidda with mishnayot of Taharot, 1861. [1], 107, 1-18; [1], 138, 63-88 pages. Masechet Nidda has two covers, there is an additional cover for the mishnayot of Taharot. 4) Masechet Eiruvin, 1862. [1], 135, 1-20, 1-3, 89-131 pages. Two covers. 5) Masechtot Bechorot, Archin, Temurah, Kritot, and Me’ilah, 1860. 87, 37, 35, 31, 41, 1-5 [3], [2], 88 pages. Stamps from the Ohel Sarah synagogue in Me’ah She’arim (where the Gaon Maran Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv davened and gave shiurim), as well as “Minyan Chabad Chadash of Zihori” and “the Library of the Minyan Bron of Vitebsk.” Various conditions, some bindings are detached (one of them is original—worn), various wear, moth damage, mold, stains, pages detached, tears and moisture stains. Various notes.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 006

. Tur Choshen Mishpat—printed by Shapira, Zhitomir 1858.

By Rabbeinu Yaakov (Ba’al HaTurim), son of the Rosh, with the Beit Yosef, Darchei Moshe, Drisha u’Prisha, and more—printed by the grandsons of the Slavita Rav, Rabbis Chanina Lifa and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. 214, 130, 20, 62, [2] pages (page numbering is faulty in part). Original binding is worn and full of holes from moths. Lots of moth damage throughout the book, with damage to text, and tears. Generally bad condition.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 007

Shulchan Aruch, Orech Hayyim, first section—printed by Shapira, Zhitomir 1850.

Shulchan Aruch from the Tur Orech Hayyim, first section, with Be’er Heitev and Eshel Avraham, Sha’arei Tshuva and Yad Ephraim, printed by the grandsons of the Slavita Rav, Rabbis Chanina Lifa, Aryeh Leib, and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. 281 pages. Two covers. Binding is partially detached, stains, tears, and defects. Indices are partially detached. A bit of moth holes. Last page has tape with damage to text. Otherwise, generally good condition
Item sold at $160 Starting at $120
LOT: 008

Sefer HaAruch, with signatures and interesting notes, early edition. Basel, 1599

An exegesis of ‘severe’ words in the Talmud, organized alphabetically, by Rabbi Natan ben Rabbi Yehiel Meromi. 166 pages. Stains and moth holes, some old pages, no binding, symmetric cutting of the cover page along the width of upper part of the page—no missing text—tape in the center of the cover damages the text on both sides. Slight tears at the edges of pages, tear on one page with missing text, more tape on the first page, generally good condition. Cover has Sefardi signatures, one of which is from Rabbi Moshe Chai Sassoon. Stamp and signature on the first page by the same person. Long note in Sefardi handwriting on the back of the last page. Additional note in the local language on the prior page.
Starting at $350
LOT: 009

English-Hebrew Lexicon. London, 1635.

Giant, antiquated lexicon. Large-size. London, 1635. Antiquated leather binding and spine – incomplete. Minimal worming holes, light stains, foreign language notations, overall fine condition.
Starting at $280
LOT: 010

Seder Arba'a Ta'aniot with Ladino. Venice, 1639

Seder Arba'a Ta'aniot, the four fast days: the 10th of Tevet; Fast of Esther; 17th of Tammuz; and 9th of Av….with laws in Ladino in a number of places. Venice, 1639. 111 leaves [original: 116 leaves. Incomplete copy, missing 5 leaves]. Many worming blemishes. Binding worn, blemished and detached. Overall poor condition.
Item sold at $190 Starting at $50
LOT: 011

HaSha’ar HaShmini, Sha’ar HaGilgulim—printed by Bak, Jerusalem 1863.

By Rabbi Haim Vittel, printed by Yisrael Bak in Jerusalem, with the support of Moses Montefiore. No anterior binding, light moth marks, generally very good condition. 78 pages.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $100
LOT: 012

Sefer Chochmat HaYad v’HaPartzuf (with a sketch of a hand)—Jerusalem 1866.

A work of physiognomy, “wisdom of the hand and the face: eyes, ear, forehead, nose, mouth, voice, beard, and more, with all of the signs showing the nature of man and his fortune and his needs.” After the cover is a picture of a hand with sketches. This book is a summarization of the work “Shoshanat Yaakov” by Rabbi Yaakov ben Mordechai of Fulda, newly printed in Jerusalem by the rabbi and publisher Avraham Rotenburg, 1866. Shoshana HaLevi 121. [1], 15 pages. 16.5cm. Paper binding. Light tears, no damage to text. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $190 Starting at $120
LOT: 013

Chen v’Kavod—first edition, Jerusalem 1884, with dedication of the author to the Chacham Bashi, Rabbi Refael Meir Panizel

Drashot on the Torah and Aggadah, by Rabbi Rachamim Yaakov Shaltiel Niniv. First edition, published during the author’s lifetime—Jerusalem 1884. Important endorsements, including by his in-laws, Rabbi Refael Meir Panizil (the Chacham Bashi) and the Ra’avad Rabbi Yaakov Shaul Alisher (see below). [3], 221 pages. Stains in a number of places, a few moth holes, lone tears which do not obscure the text, a few old pages, old binding, leather spine. Generally good condition. The blank first page has a long and important dedication in nice Sefardi handwriting, by the author to the endorser Rabbi Refael Meir Panizel (see below). The first page has a sefardi signature. Rabbi Refael Meir Panizel, known as the Merapeh (1804-1893) was the son of Rabbi Yehuda. He was a Shadar, and the Rishon LeZiyyon from 1880 to 1893. He was born in Pazarzhik, Bulgaria, and in 1807 he moved to Israel with his family. At age 27 he began work as a Shadar, because of which he travelled frequently to Tunisia, Morocco, and other places. One time he travelled to Italy and created peace between two rival communities, because of which he was called to meet with the Pope and tour the Vatican—where he was able to view with his own eyes remnants of the Temple keilim. In 1880 he was appointed the Rishon LeZiyyon and successor of the Chacham Bashi, after his father-in-law gave up the job because of his age. Later he even was made the Chacham Bashi himself, and this copy already reflects that position.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 014

Sefer Orech Chaim of the Chida with Signature of the Publisher Rabbi Yaakov Bayi ben Rabbi Chaim Mashiach. Kabalah. Jerusalem, 1890. Limited Edition of Only 100 Copies!

Orach Chaim, the the "seder tikun kareit" as instituted by Rabbeinu Chaim Yosef Dovid Azulai – the Chida. As mentioned on the back of the title page, a previous edition was printed that year by Rabbi Yaakov Bayi ben Rabbi Chaim Mashiach, and then Rabbi Yaakov Chai Burla received permission to print another 100, slightly revised, copies. The National Library has the other edition in the rare collection, but we did not find this edition. [1], 126, [2] leaves. Original binding with leather spine, light stains, blemished binding, tear to the last leaf without loss, overall fine condition. Prominent owner notation on the title page: יעקב באיי ב"ר חיים משיח ז"ל – the first publisher. His name appears on the back of the title page, in the publisher of this edition's statement regarding the fact that he received permission before publishing. It seems that the printer Rabbi Yaakov Chai Burla gifted this copy to the publisher who so generously allowed him to print this limited edition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 015

Keter Torah—Taj—first edition, Jerusalem 1894-1901

Keter Torah Taj, five sections with a separate cover for each. Two volumes. First edition. Jerusalem 1894-1901. Five Chumshei Torah with Onkelos and targum of Rabbeinu Sa’adiah Gaon in Arabic, copied from Yemenite “Meduyakim” books, with additions on grammar from Rabbi Yehi Tzalach, Rabbi of Sanaa. Page before the cover has illustration of the 10 Sefirot of Kabbalah. Endorsement of the Rishon LeZiyyon, rabbi Yaakov Shaul Alisher. New Yemenite bindings. Stains, generally very good condition.
Item sold at $50 Starting at $50
LOT: 016

Dedication of the kabbalist Rabbi Haim David Sathon on a copy of his book, Karsiya d’Eliyahu—first edition, Jerusalem 1906.

Karsiya d’Eliyahu, a work on Elijah the Prophet and the Geulah drawing from the Tanach and Chazal, by the kabbalist Rabbi Haviv Haim David Sathon—first edition, Jerusalem 1906. 8, 155 pages. 19cm. A few moth holes and stains. Generally very good condition. Back of the cover has a handwritten dedication by the author: “…HaRav HaGadol, from strength and greatness…Moharar Eliyahu Chazan from me the author [stamp of the author].” The receiver of the book is Rabbi Eliyahu Bechor Chazan of Jerusalem, who served as Chacham Bashi in Alexandria, Egypt. Before the cover is his bookplate (Ex Libris) with a dedication to a synagogue in Egypt. The author is the kabbalist Rabbi Haviv Haim David Sathon (known as the Chad in his generation; lived 1827-1907), a great rabbi of Tiberias. His father did yibum with his brother’s wife but died while she was still pregnant, so Rabbi Sathon bore his father’s name (David), and his uncle (Haviv), and they added the name Haim as a segulah. He would isolate himself and study in Elijah’s cave and at the grave of Rabbi Meir ba’al HaNes, and he focused on Kabbalah. He was the head of the Eliyahu HaNavi yeshiva in Haifa. Authored the books: Tokpo shel Nes, and Shemesh u’Magen.
Starting at $100
LOT: 017

. Sefer HaTzaddik, by Rabbi Yosef Zundel of Salant and his rabbis—first edition, Jerusalem, 1927.

“Includes … his writings, those of the Gra of Vilna, and the Grach of Volozhin [never printed, only found in manuscripts from students of Rav Yosef Zundel]”. Published by Eliezer Rivlin with the support of the tzaddik’s grandson (who was named after him). Segulot and spells are included, and grammar rules. 150 pages. Soft binding, the upper part is detached, tears on the last pages, light stains, generally good condition. Note of ownership: “From the library of Dov Sternbuch.” Rabbi Dov Sternbuch of Gateshead and Bnei Brak was the son of Rabbi Asher of London, a descendent of the Gra. He was a huge talmid chacham who knew the Shas by heart. He was close with many sages, and was a student of the Gra”a Dessler. He had a special relationship with Maran Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, who forbid him from asking those at his beit midrash not to stand in his honor. He was brother of the Ra’avad of Antwerp, Rabbi Eliyahu Sternbuch, and the Ra’avad of the Charedi community, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch. Died in 1990 when he was on his way to Minchah, aged 96.
Starting at $60
LOT: 018

. “Pamphlet HaYechieli” by the kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Alfiya—first edition, Jerusalem 1928, with stamp of the author.

The book “Pamphlet HaYechieli” in 3 sections, hanhagot for synagogue, education in the home, halachot of mezuzah, ma’akeh (fencing in the roof), terumot and ma’asrot, and laws of burial. Jerusalem 1928, first edition. After the cover is the author’s stamp. An important work which was praised by Jewish sages. Binding is detached. Stains. Generally good condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 019

. Adam Yashar—kabbalistic work. First edition, Krakow 1885.

“Authored by Rabbeinu Yitzhak Luria (the Ari) Ashkenazi z”l.” Printed from a manuscript found in genizah of his student Rabbi Haim Vittel, organized and edited for publication by the kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach, who had the privilege of reading many letters of Rabbi Haim Vittel’s, as he writes in his introduction to his book “Kol b’Rama”, where he also talks about the greatness of this book. Endorsements from the Divrei Yehezkel of Sinoa and more. First edition—Krakow 1885. New binding, repaired cover somewhat taped to the page after it, various stains, light defects, fragile pages, generally ok condition.
Starting at $50
LOT: 020

. Sfatei Kohen on the Torah—a work of kabbalah. Second edition, Hamurg 1690. With stamp of the Rav Babad.

A work of kabbalah by Rabbi Mordechai HaKohen of Tzfat. [2], 182 (supposed to be 192) pages. Cover is unprofessionally repaired, the edge of the text is hidden in the first few pages, many stains, some pages are brown, generally good condition. Cover and blank first page has an important stamp of ownership: “Avraham Moshe Babad, at one time Avdak of Gorahomora, Britshan, Rabbi of Enjemi-Yafo.” Rabbi Avraham Moshe Babad (1900-1980) was the son of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Babad, and a rabbi and chassidic rosh yeshiva in Bukovina and Israel, a student of the Gaon Rabbi Meir Arik of Tornov. He inherited his father’s position, and after WWII tried to immigrate to Israel but was sent to Cyprus in 1948 by the British, where he served as rabbi of the detention camp. After making it to Israel he was in constant contact with the Chazon Ish. Around 1952 he was appointed for a time as the Rosh Yeshiva of Yechel Yisrael of the Seret-Vizhnitz Chassidic community, led by his son-in-law Admor Rabbi Baruch Hager.
Item sold at $80 Starting at $80
LOT: 021

. Rare in such a complete state: volume of Masechet Zevachim and Menachot, early edition—Amsterdam 1647, with corrections and notes handwritten

Volume containing Zevachim and Menachot from the Talmud Bavli “with Rashi’s commentary and Tosafot and piskei Tosafot and Rabbeinu Asher and Rambam’s commentary on the Rambam…printed by Emmanuel Benvenisti.” Early edition—Amsterdam 1647. 152, 112 pages. Additional cover to Masechet Menachot. Handsome leather binding is detached, no spine, last page is detached, light stains, good condition (rare for this copy). Body of the work has many handwritten corrections and important notes and glosses.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 022

Later Prophets and Writings [Including Psalms]. Venice, 1649

Two volumes with Later Prophets and Writings, Venice, 1649. Much worming damage and other blemishes, tears to a number of leaves affecting text. Overall moderate-poor condition. Volume 1: Section 3 – Later Prophets, 220 leaves. Starts on leaf 3, without title page. Missing an additional two leaves. Volume 2: Section 4 – Writings [1], 221-447, [should be 455] leaves. The last leaf has been completed by hand.
Starting at $120
LOT: 023

. Levush HaTekhelet and Levush HaChur—Prague 1701. Copy of rabbis from the Babad family

Levush HaTekehelet, the first work by the Levush (HaChur is the second), authored by Mordechai Yoffe ben Binyamin Woolf Shapria…” An early edition. Two parts in one volume, 331 pages. Partially missing copy: originall [2], 108, [2], 109-336 [supposed to be 326]). Missing a number of pages at the beginning, and according to the bibliographic record also the cover of the second section. A number of pages from Levush HaChur were misbound in the first section. The first three and last pages have moth damage, a bit of moth holes, many stains, cover and two first pages are repaired and block the text, light tears, old binding in good condition, generally ok condition. Front blank page has important stamps: “Avraham Moshe Babad, Gora-Moro Bukovina”. Different stamp appears with identical content, as well as additional stamps of his on the cover, and the inscription: “I bought from Yehoshua…[?] Anshil Ov-[cut off by the edge of the page].” Additional note couldn’t be deciphered. Note handwritten inside the book, and there is a stamp in a number of places in Latin letters: “Mendel Babad Rabbiner.” Rabbi Menachem Mendel Babad, rabbi of Gora-Homoroloy (Bukovina). A descendent of Rabbi Yosef Babad, the Minchas Chinuch, appointed over Chassidei Chortkov, known as a great talmid chacham who was in regular correspondence with greats of his generation. Died in 1930. His son and successor, Rabbi Avraham Moshe Babad (1900-1980) was rabbi and chassidic rosh yeshiva in Bukovina and Israel, a student of the Gaon Rabbi Meir Arik of Tornov. He inherited his father’s position, and after WWII tried to immigrate to Israel but was sent to Cyprus in 1948 by the British, where he served as rabbi of the detention camp. After making it to Israel he was in constant contact with the Chazon Ish. Around 1952 he was appointed for a time as the Rosh Yeshiva of Yechel Yisrael of the Seret-Vizhnitz Chassidic community, led by his son-in-law Admor Rabbi Baruch Hager.
Starting at $50
LOT: 024

Mishneh Torah, Section Two from the Prototype Edition of the Rambam with Lechem Mishneh. Amsterdam, 1702-3

Mishneh Torah; the Yad Chazakah of the Rambam, section two. Amsterdam, 1702. Prototype edition of the Rambam. Most later editions followed this format. Bound with the Lechem Mishneh of Rabbi Avraham de Boton, the second revised edition with comments and sources by Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda Leon, Amsterdam 1703. [2], 227, [4]; 52 leaves. Worming holes and stains. First title page is detached. Separate title page for Lechem Mishneh. Original blemished wood binding with gilt decorations and remnants of clasps, partially detached. Later leather spine. Overall moderate-fine condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $70
LOT: 025

Reishit Bikkurim—first edition, Frankfurt-am-Mein, 1708.

On the Mo’adim, 3 sections, by Rabbi Chanoch ben Avraham. First edition. Important endorsements by Rabbi Naftali Katz and Rabbi Sheptil Segel of Pozna, and Rabbi David Oppenheim of Prague, and more, [2], 66 pages in the original (this copy is missing one page). No binding, moth damage, stains, some pages disconnected. Generally ok condition
Starting at $60