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LOT: 076

Manuscript of sermons according to Kabbalah and practical Kabbalah, Morocco Early 20th century.

Manuscript of sermons from the midrashim according to kabbalah on charity and redemption. Tefillin, the leaving of the soul, responding "Amen" and more. 4 additional pages on eulogies for the deceased. 12 Last Pages on care for the pregnant mother and Segula with Kabbalistic Illustrations and Practical Kabbalah. Morocco. Early 20th century.At the end is the name of the author, "and it is written by EfraimHaCohen, may the Lord protect and let prosper, amen may he will it." Total of 50 pages, 24x15 cm. No cover. Tears. Condition: Fair-good.
Starting at $200
LOT: 077

Manuscript (missing). Passover Haggadah with Translation. Morocco, late 19th century

Ink on paper. Artistic writing in ink of varying colors. The words in the headings are framed and decorated with geometrical decorations. Also, before the piyyut of Had Gadya, there is a Star of David decoration, adorned with the names of G-d. The manuscript contains the original passage in Hebrew, followed by the translation in Moroccan. After the Haggadah appears a colophon: "Written by the young manMachlofKalpa", followed by a story "Once Rabbi Pinchas, may his memory be a blessing, had done…"and apiyyut, both in Moroccan. 22 cm. Artistic corrections. Wine stains. Detached pages. Pages 1-36 are missing. No cover. General condition: Fair.
Starting at $200
LOT: 078

Manuscript on the Laws of Slaughter. Morocco. Late 19th century.

Manuscript on the Laws of Slaughter,apparently copying begins from page 23 and at the end is the author's signature "Jacob benSussan" with mention of the birth of his sons. Bound together with collections of Chidushimby leading rabbis of Morocco. Total of 165 pages, 19x12 cm. New cover. Stains. General condition is good.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 079

Manuscript of songs and prayers. North Africa. Early 20th century.

Manuscript of songs and prayers - for the days of Selichot and High Holidays. Ink on squared paper. Some sections in nice square writing and part in Middle Eastern writing. With ownership inscription on page [5a] "Avraham ben Shimon Kadosh". On the top of the pages appears the inscription "BasadBeinu Ami Esau" (the initials of: "With the help of God, in his name we will do and succeed, my help will come from Him, creator of heaven and earth"). | Moisture stains with minimal damage. Tear without a piece missing. [4] Pages glued. Cover is worn. [55] pages. 136 cm General condition: Fair-Poor
Starting at $200
LOT: 080

Manuscript. Morocco, 20th century

Manuscript on issues concerning Halakha, Aggadah and grammar, author's name is unknown. Nice Middle Eastern writing, on squared pages. The titles and endings of the chapters are written in square writing. Some of the manuscript is written with vowels and illustrations for understanding [174] Pages. 17 cm | Withoutcover. Pages not arranged in order. General condition: Good
Item sold at $110 Starting at $100
LOT: 081

Manuscript of Kol Mhallel. Autograph. Morocco, 5665 | 1905

Manuscript of Kol Mhallel. Rabat, Morocco. Close to a thousand piyyutim, some of which are unknown. From Yitzhak Ben Yosef HaCohen "What I learned from my elder teacher… Rabbi Shimon Azulai." The manuscript is written in nice Middle Eastern writing, the first words at the top of each section are written in square handwriting, on lined pages in a hard cardboard binding. The cover page is adorned in a frame. After thepiyyutimis a detailed index. At the top of the manuscript and at the end is the inscription of the owaner in Morrocan. Several pages are detached. [1], Reid, [17] pages. 19 cm | General condition: Good.
Item sold at $700 Starting at $700
LOT: 082

Lot of 3 manuscripts. North Africa, late 19th century

Manuscript of the men's prayer. A collection of prayers intended for men, about finding a mate and keeping away frombad intentions (Yetzer Hara). 1. Fine Middle Eastern writing. Pocket format. New cover. Last page detached and torn with a piece missing. [28] p. 13 cm | 2. Manuscript of the death of Aharon. Moroccan manuscript in nice Middle Eastern writing. Pocket format. New cover. Unfinished [28] pages, of which 8 pages are written. 13 cm | 3. Manuscript of the death of Aharon. Moroccan manuscript in fine Middle Eastern writing. Including the death of Aharon, the death of Moses and an Arab reproach. New cover. Moth holes. Stains. [20] p. 21 cm.
Starting at $120
LOT: 083

Manuscript –Tafsir "Keter Malchut" in Farsi. Persia, early 19th century

Manuscript –Tafsir "Keter Malchut" in Farsi. Persia, early 19th century At the top of every section of the manuscript, the Hebrew source appears with vowels, followed by the Persian translation in Hebrew letters. The Piyyut Kete Malchut by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol [one of the great poets of the Golden Age in Spain] is one of the most remarkable works of intellectual poetry in world literature and the greatest work of Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol. [44] pages. 15 cm. Without cover, detached and missing pages. General condition: Fair-good
Starting at $200
LOT: 084

Manuscript –"ktav achatraz". Persia, 18th-19th century

The manuscript is a translation of "warnings" by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol to Farsi in Hebrew letters. After each paragraph in Hebrew, a translation appears in Farsi. The author, Samuel Ben MolaPir Ahmad, was one of the most important Jewish poets in Persia, in the 18th century. His writings are regarded as precious to reality (see the trove of Manuscripts of the Jews of Persia at the Ben Zvi Institute, Jerusalem 1986, p. 27). [35] pages. 15 cm. No cover. Detached pages. Few moth holes. Stains from the passage of time. General condition: Fair-good.
Starting at $300
LOT: 085

Manuscriptin spoken Persian-Hebrew. Persia. The 19th century

Manuscript in spoken Persian-Hebrew. Sermons on the haftarot in Persian language include chiddushim and midrashim on the Book of Esther. Passover Hagada. PirkeiAvot. HaggadotRabbah bar Rav Chana from MasechetBavaBatra. The shape of the letters according to the punctuation and the rules in punctuation. Stories of miracles and wonders. Some pages have additions and insights within the margins. The author's identity is unknown and has not been thoroughly examined. 19th century Persia. 356 pages. 22x18 cm. New cover, approximately 30 first pages damaged by the edges with some text missing. Some water damage and stains.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $200
LOT: 086

Manuscript on parchment in Amharic with illustrations. Early 18th century.

Handwritten in red and black ink on parchment in ancient language Ge'ez in Amharic Two columns per page. Jews and non-Jews used the same language and it is possible that the text before us is not Jewish. (Not thoroughly examined). On some pages there are colorful paintings of angels and various figures. Probably written at the beginning of the 18th century or earlier. Dimensions: 23X29 cm, 108 pages, damaged cloth cover, stains of usethroughout the manuscript. Good-fair condition..
Item sold at $260 Starting at $250
LOT: 087

Manuscript on parchment in Amharic. Early 18th century.

Manuscript in red and black ink on parchment in ancient language Ge'ez in Amharic Two columns per page. Jews and non-Jews used the same language and it is possible that the text before us is not Jewish. (Not thoroughly examined). Probably written at the beginning of the 18th century or earlier. Dimensions: 17x16 cm. 170 pages Original wooden binding has moisture stains and some pages are time-worn. Fair condition..
Starting at $300
LOT: 088

Manuscript. India. 19th century.

Handwritten in red and black ink on paper in the Indian-language with illustrated frame for each page. The Jews and the non-Jews used the same ancient writing, the subject of the writings was not examined. Total of 94 pages, 21x15 cm. Antique and damaged cloth cover. General condition: Fair-Good.
Starting at $100
LOT: 089

Manuscript, "Hikavtzu". India, late 19th century. Rare.

Manuscript, opening with the words "Gather and hear the children of Jacob the religion of your creators" - Warnings for Passover by Rabbi Yehuda Halevi. Ink on paper, in fine, square, writing with vowels. With additions in Middle Eastern writing between the lines. At the end of the manuscript is the owner's inscription. Opens as a notebook. | New cover. Some tears some sections missing | [10] pages. 16 cm | General condition: Medium.
Starting at $100
LOT: 090

Manuscript, Tikun Chatzot. India. Late 19th century. Rare.

Nice square writing with vowels. At the top of the manuscript, page [1a] Title: 'Tikun Chatzot'. And after it the piyyut "hiding g-d" by Rabbi Avraham Maimon, a student of the Ramak, and 'Or HaGanuz". Manuscripts from India are exceptionally rare. [6] pages. 17 cm.Few stains from passing time, without damage. General condition: Good-Very good.
Starting at $120
LOT: 091

Manuscript on the process of purification and burial. India, 19th century.

Handwritten, in red and black ink, in beautiful handwriting with vowels, on rectangular notebook paper. At the beginning of the manuscript is the order of the seven hakafot, and then the order to washing the dead. At the end of each part is an illustration of a Star of David, at each of its tips a single letter, which together make up the words "Star of David," with the word "Jerusalem" at its center. At the end of the manuscript are several pages written in Middle Eastern writing including verses, midrashim and names of the deceased. Paper binding without a cover page. Tear with part of the back cover missing |[68] pages, of which 35 are written. 14 cm | General condition: Good-Very good.
Item sold at $140 Starting at $100
LOT: 092

Lot of 2 manuscripts. Turkey 20th century. Rare.

Lot of 2 manuscripts. 1. Arranged in Latin letters. Written in pen in red and blue color. In the year 5739-1979. Prayer for the morning, Kiddush for the eve of Shabbat, HaGomel blessing, Hanukkah, Kaddish, Blessings, Shema Yisrael, a wonderful Segulah. 45 pages, sizes: 15x9 cm. Stains from use. Very good general condition. 2. Arranged in Latin letters. Written in pen in blue and red color. By author Shmuel Sami Bachar. In the year 1990. Blessings of the morning and morning prayers. Kiddush for the eve of Shabbat, HaGomelblessing, Hanukkah, Kaddish,a wonderful Segulah, Havdalah,the great blessing of success, Rosh Hashana, Blessing for the home, Kol Nidrei, Amidah blessing for Yom Kippur, Shema before bed,BrichShmei, Aleinu. 116 pages Dimensions: 15x9 cm. Stains from use. Very good general condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 093

Notebook of poems in Yiddish. Europe, early 20th century

Handwritten poems on a lined notebook. Among the songs: "Di Ha'Arzil's Yartzite" [one year anniversary to Herzl's death], "Kinder Yarn" [childhood days] and more. Author's name is unknown. Songs were not reviewed. 63 pages. 16 cm. Cardboard binding is torn. Stains from age with no damage to the text. General condition: Good
Starting at $100
LOT: 094

Manuscript chiddushei Maharam Shik, in his holy hand. Autographed by his beloved student – "Sofer HaMelech" Rabbi Asher Le'amil Schwartz, 1874-1876

Complete manuscript of Tractate Kiddushin, in part on Mashechot and in part on Sugyot. On the first page of the manuscript that serves as the cover page, his student Rabbi Asher Le'Amil writes: "In 1874 here in Khust I purchased this booklet to write in it… the great and famous gaonour teacher and Rabbi Moshe Shik… his student writes with great haste, "SafraDebei the holyRav Asher Le'Amil Schwartz", Rabbi Asher Le'Amil, who knew and recognized the great responsibility in being the one who passes on the torah of his teacher to the next generations. He tried to be precise, even writing the dates of certain lessons. An example: [Page 45 Page 1] writes "which we learned in the winter of 1874" and signed with his name "the holy Asher Le'Amil Schwartz", or [Page 65] "until here the Rabbi spoke and continued to expound, and I did not copy, the words of the one described khust day 5, 1876 by the holy Asher Le'Amil Schwartz." As the manuscript confirms, the MaharamShik signed at the top of the manuscript his name in his handwriting. The manuscript before us is the original source of which a large number of Chiddushim excerpts were printed from Hamaharam Shik, (see the introduction to Chiddushei Maharam Shik on Masechet Kiddushin: "they were written…by the authors of the king… R. Yitzchak Teitelbaum… and R. Asher Le'Amil Schwartz"). At the end of his life, the MaharamShik used his two disciples as "the king's novelists", because his eyes darkened and he could not see. As he writes in his book MaharamShik's response, Section 1, chapter 32: "When I came from the city of Va'an, for I was there to ask and inquire with doctors to find a cure and remedy for my eyes, but to my great dismay I did not find." And in the introduction to his ChiddusheiAggadot on Masechet Avot: writes his great grandson Rabbi Mordechai Zvisegel Prager: "In the end of his life he suffered a great deal, for his eyes were dimmed." And when Rav Wezner Z"l was shown the manuscript in 5734, from great fondness of the manuscript, he wrote a long letter [attached], in which he writes, among other things, "and he bound Chiddushei Maharam Shik… the wonders of the teachings of the gaonz"l… and I did not come only as a joining member of thegaon Rabbis [Badatz the Eda Haredit, the Admor of Vizhnitz, Rabbi Shach, the Steipler, and others]. Which attest that the holy writings are true and stable… R. Asher Le'Amil, the copyist and writer lived, and the response of his teacher at the end of his days in particular, for now the gaon Segi Nehor… as famous and when our forefathers told us." As was said, for when his grandson Rabbi Chaim Zvi Schwartz from BneiBrak, as the manuscript was hidden in the family Gniza about a century.In 1974 he presented the manuscript to the greatest of the generation, all of them writing letters of enthusiastic approval and agreement [attached]. His grandson says in his name. "When my grandfather entered the Steipler's palace to show him the manuscript, the Steipler wrote an agreement, and when he left the room the Steipler called him back and added the word "Maran" to the name of the Maharam Shik. Indeed, we can see that the word Maran was added later. | Rabbi Moshe Shik - Maharam Shik [1807-1879], Av Beit Din of Yergin and Khust and Rosh Yeshiva there, the distinct disciple of the Chatam Sofer, who would affectionately call him "Meinar Aron Sefarim." And continues the ways of his Rabbi in the war against compromises in reform, his letter is known of which he wrote about them: "According to the religion of our Holy Torah, because they were heretical against the Torah from heaven, as many of their words and books of the kind testify, they are not Jews and as complete Gentiles." He was the leader of Hungarian Jewry after the Chatam Sofer, and after his death they eulogized "from Moshe (the Chatam Sofer) until Moshe (Maharam Shik) another did not rise up as Moses." His books - Responsa and Chiddushim glorify the eastern wall of Torah literature from all times. | Due to the spread of the manuscript writing over three years, the shape of the pages vary, some of them divided into two pages and some in full pages. And the ink color varies from blue to black. Cover with imprinted words in gold color. Blemished cover. Adhesion without damage to the text. A few of the pages are detached. | Specifications: A. Manuscript 140 pages, 34 cm B. 5 original approvals, by: Rabbi Shach, the Steipler, Rabbi Wazner, Badatz the Eda Haredit and Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Katz, Av Beit Din of KiryatYoel. C. Copies: of approvals by the Yeshuhot Moshe of Vizhnitz and Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Greenwald Av Beit Din of Arugot HaBosem. Certificate of Moreinu of Rabbi Asher Le'Amil signed by Maharam Shik. General condition: Good-Very good
Starting at $9000
LOT: 095

Lot, rare photos of Admorim and Rabbis

Lot of 7 rare, original, black and white photographs of Admorim and Rabbis. Most of them are from years before the Holocaust. Among the individuals, Admorim: from Vizhnitz, Das, Gur, and others | Differing sizes and conditions.
Starting at $100
LOT: 096

Lot 2 photographs of the Admor of Beit Israel from Gur

Lot 2 pictures of different sizes of the Admor of Beit Israel from Gur Z"l. One is framed. Dimensions: Unknown. Different blemishes. Condition: fair-good.
Starting at $100
LOT: 097

Lot of 4 photographs of Admorim

Lot of 4 pictures of the Admor Yshot Moshe of Vizhnitz and the Admor of Chernobyl and others. Very Good condition.
Starting at $180
LOT: 098

Lot of 2 historic photographs and poster from Rabbi Yosef ShlomoKahaneman's visit in Brazil.

Lot 2 historic photographs and poster from the visit of Rosh Yeshiva of Ponevezh Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman. In Sao Paulo, Brazil on 31.05.1952. Different sizes. Different conditions.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 099

Lot of 22 historic photographs of Etzel and Lehi underground movements

Lot of 22 photographs of the funeral and memorial day for members of the underground movementswith pictures of the father of the prisoners Rabbi Aryeh Levin. Prime Minister and Head of Etzel, Mr. Menachem Begin. Prime Minister and Head of Lehi, Mr. Yitzhak Shamir and other members of the movements. Different sizes. Good condition.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 100

Uncut sheet of banknotes in the value of 50 Old Shekels with the image of Ben-Gurion.

Collector's sheet (uncut) of 12 banknotes in the value of 50 Old Shekels with the image of Ben-Gurion. Dimensions: 33X50 cm, Very Good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100