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Auction No. 15 - 04.09.2017


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LOT: 051

Lot of Two Hand Written LikuteiHalachotLeHarambam. Yemen 20th Century

Lot of two hand written Likutei Halachot Le Harambam. Yemen 20th Century. 1. Hand written Likutim on the order of Halachot regarding slaughter and treif Le Harambam in pocket format, as the butchers and purgers in Yemen were often accustomed to carry around with them in a sack. The hand writing is from the year 2,255 leshtarot (1945) the author is “Yichye ben Sa’idZaken”. 16 pages. 8x10 “cm. New binding. Overall good condition. 2. First 8 pages of the hand written Likutim LeHatzair Zecharia ben Sa’idia Zaken regarding the Ten Sfirot and Kabbalah. (seems to be an unknown composition). With a curved signature of the author. From page 9 – 59 Likutim on Halachot 70 treif Le Harambam “And I began writing on the fifth day of the month of Heshvan 2,256 leshtarot (1946). The author ‘Yichye ben Sa’id Zaken known as Sharara”. On the last page there is an amulet of love between a man and his wife. 10x8 “cm. New binding. 67 pages. Overall good condition.
Item sold at $140 Starting at $120
LOT: 052

Handwritten Copy of Sefer Kav Yashar. Yemen 18th Century.

Handwritten copy of sefer Kav Yashar for Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kaidanover – regarding leadership and ethics “Best quality use of the body and soul”. This book was amongst the important and most learned books in the cities of Yemen. Pleasant looking writing. Identity of the copyist is unknown. In the colophon “In the name of a good friend… 5046 Yitchak ben Zecharia Albotzani” Illustrated cover page. 480 pages. 16x11 “cm. Lacking binding. Stains. Overall good condition.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $200
LOT: 053

Handwritten – Sefer ‘Menorat Hama’or. Yemen 19th Century

Hand written, Sefer Menorat Hama’or, from Rabbi Yitzhak Aboab. Thick vol. Pleasant looking Yemenite handwriting, on paper that underwent ibudmeshicha. Two columns per page. Lacks a cover page. Sefer Menorat Hama’or contains a collection of articles about legends from the Talmud and Midrash that deal with morals and derecheretz. The book was amiably accepted by all of the communities of Israel, especially by the Jews of Yemen, who are accustomed to routinely learning on Shabbat and high holidays after musaf, the section of menorat hama’or. In the year 1857, Rabbi Moshe HanochHalevi, a Jew from Eden who immigrated to Italy, printed an edition of the book Menorat Hama’orin the city of Livorno for the Jews of Yemen. For then on, the Livorno edition became the mother edition of the hand written editions copied in Yemen. This copy is a complete edition of one of these copied books. 107 pages 32 “cm. Old leather binding (partly restored) with ornamented star of davids. Leather strings for tying. Moisture stains. Moth holes with damage to the text on a number of pages. Several of the pages have been professionally restored. Overall fair condition.
Item sold at $1000 Starting at $200
LOT: 054

Hand written Sefer Haftarot for the Whole Year. Yemen 18th Century

Hand written SeferHaftarot for the whole year including Shabbatot and Hagei Israel. Pleasnt looking handwriting with tergum and upper vowels. Remarks on versions in the margins. From ParashatBereshit until Parashat Lech Lecha completion of the writing later on. Identity of the writer is unknown. Most likely Damar or Tzeada Yemen 18th century. 15x21 “cm. 380 pages. Minor moth holes with no damage to the text. The last page is damaged and lacking. Overall good condition.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $200
LOT: 055

Handwritten Sefer ‘Meshivat Nefesh’. Yemen 19th Century

Handwritten in pleasant looking Yemenite writing. Includes: Hlachot, Kiddushin, Ketubot, Edut, Gitin, Noschei Shtarot. At the end of the book is ‘Tikun Purim’, a liturgical poem “there is no one who is like you” for Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi. The writing is formatted in a way that allows for side annotations. Hand written Shas is rare in Yemen. On the cover page there is a frame decorated with geometric ornaments and psukim and in it is written “Book of Meshivat Nefesh Rabbi Sa’idia ben Og’an ben Moshe HaLevi, a 19th century author, copied the book Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer. 10 and 31 pages. 11x18 “cm. Handwritting underwent professional restoration. Overall good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 056

Handwritten Shalosh Megilot. Yemen 19th Century

Hand written Shalosh Megilot. Shir HaShirim – Ruth – Kohelet. With translation and Rashi commentary tafsir by Rabbi Sa’dia Gaon. Grammar notes in the margins. Professional and pleasant hand writing. Severe moth holes. Without binding, poor condition.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $200
LOT: 057

Hand written ShirHa Shirim with translation. Yemen, 19th Century.

Handwritten calligraphy on luxurious paper. The original and the translation both have vowels. The titles of the original and the translation are framed and decorated in red and black ink. A nusach change is present in the edition. Author is unknown and mostly likely the scripture was written by a disciple. 36 pages. 19 “cm. New binding. The middle of the last section onwards is missing. Overall good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 058

Hand Written – Shalosh Megilot. Yemen, 19th Century

The Handwritten edition includes: Megilot – ShirHaShirim, Ruth and Kahelet. With te’amim and vowels. Translation with vowels and Rashi commentary. Titles are framed and decorated, some of them with red ink. Rural hand writing. Ownership inscriptions of Yosef ben Yosef (pages 1א and 56ב). 112 pages. 22 “cm. New binding. Stains. A small portion of the first page is missing with minimal damage to the text. Overall very good condition.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $220
LOT: 059

Handwritten Shalosh Megilot – Yemen. 19th Century.

Hand written Shalosh Megilot with translation by Yonatan ben Oziel and Rashi commentary, ShirHa Shirim. Ruth and Kahelet. With a hand drawn cover page. With writing on the cover: “Authored by the good friend Hasidai ben Kamoher David ben Hamoher Pinchas HaCohen”. 19th century. 60 pages. 23 “cm large, defects and damage to the margins with damage to the text on several pages. New binding.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 060

Hand written Copy of ‘Helek HaDikduk’. By Rabbi Yichye Tzalach (the Maharitz). Yemen, 19th Century.

Complete hand written copy (without cover page), in a small format. Neat and pleasant Yemenite handwriting. The book deals with the Messorah and the Helek Ha Dikduk on 24 books by the Maharitz. At the end of the composition (page 82א) is written: “Everything written until this point are credited to the author” and after it, the 4 pages that are hand written, regarding DikdukMusar and Kabbalah are credited to an unknown author. Ownership inscriptions and notes on page 39 א “Won and bought by Yosef ben Yichye Artzabi Rabeynu Yichye ben Rabbi Yosef Tzalach – HaMaharitz, the great Rabbi of Yemen in the 18th century. Studied with his grandfather, Rabbi Tzalach, and with ZikneiHador Rabbi YichyeKroani and Rabbi Sa’idyaKeti’i. Growing up, he was a fellow student to two of “Godlei Hador” Rabbi David Mashraki owner of “Shtilei Zeitim” and Rabbi Yichye HaCohen Araki. When he was 43 years old, he was elected to be the head Rabbi and Ra’abad of all Yemenite communities, Rabbi Tzalach was modest, but also strict when it came to following the Halacha. His authority was undisputed throughout Yemen. Until this day, many Yemenites are accustomed to his minhagim and psukim. Author of the siddur Hitchalal with his commentary ‘Tree of Life’ and many other Halachic books: ‘Zevach Todah’, ‘SHa’arei Kodesh’, ‘SHa’arei Tehara’, She’elot and Tshuvot “Peulot Tzadik”, Musar Ve Kabbalah and other Halachic books. 172 pages. 17 “cm. Bound in an elegant leather binding. Minor moth holes. Overall very good condition.
Item sold at $425 Starting at $180
LOT: 061

Hand written – Ma’amadot, Bakashot and PirkeAvot. Tanam – Yemen. 18th Century.

The Yemenite hand writing is neat and legible, and includes: Ma’amadot for every day, Bakashot and PirkeAvot. Without a cover page. Colophon: (Page 67 72) Completed with the help of G-d and his mercy upon us, Asrin lied for seven Shtarot days.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $200
LOT: 062

Hand written prayers for all commemorative dates of the year Tze’ada, Yemen. 19th Century

Hand written prayers, instructions and piskehalachot that coverall commemorative dates of the year in detail, starting with the Passover Haggada, tfilot, Hosha’anot, Tfilot regarding dew and rain, Pizmonim and Azharot. Afterwards there is a cover page adorned with decorations and psukim, and in it is written: Siddur for high holidays as it is accustomed among out holy community of Tze’ada, may G-d be his help, as the eyes of the reader will profess מישרים הרחמן will be built hastily, G-d willing, within our time, Amen, thus may it be acceptable”. The copy includes: Nusach Haslichot, Eiruv Tavshilin, Kiddush, Rosh Hashana prayers, Tkiot, Tfilot and Slichot for Yom Kippur, Yoma tractate, Keter Mlachot for Rabbi ShlomoIbn Gvirol, Hashkavot Laniftarim. Seder Tikun of the Gdeliah fast and Ashmarot. 468 pages. 18 “cm. Inbetween pages 14 and 15 two pages that are not related to the siddur were accidentally bound. The last two pages are in a different hand writing than the rest of the book. Minor moth holes and stains with no damage to the text. Overall good condition.
Item sold at $600 Starting at $500
LOT: 063

Hand Written Siddur for Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur and Shalosh Megilot. Yemen. 19th Century.

Hand written siddur for Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur bound together with Shalosh Megilot – ShirHa Shirim – Ruth – Kahelet. Includes translation. Pleasant hand writing with nikud. The siddur was apparently written in Tze’ada (Nothern Yemen). Identity of the writer is unknown. 17x12 “cm. 19th Century. The siddur has 94 pages. Shalot Megilot and 140 pages have a cover page. Overall there are 235 pages. Minor moth holes. Without binding. The cover page of Megilot is detached. Overall fair-good condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 064

Handwritten Machzor for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Simchat Torah. Yemen 19th Century.

Handwritten Machzor for the holidays. Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur and Simchat Torah. Nusach Baladi. Throughout the writing there are highlighted portions of the prayer in larger text. Colorful images in four places in zafran ink. Identity of the writer is unknown, most likely the writing of a disciple. Ownership inscriptions on the last page in Hebrew and Arabic “this is the writing of Haim Albadichi”. Damar, Yemen region. 19th century. 18x12 “cm. Altogether 86 pages. New binding. Good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 065

Handwritten Bakashot and Seder Tfilot, Yemen. 19th Century.

Hand written, in neat and professional hand writing, Seder Bakashot and Tfilot. Confession for Yom Kippur according to the Yemenite custom to add a personal prayer onto half of the night. (Unknown prayer with a universal virtue). On page 17 “Request for Sa’adiaDamramri may his creator preserve him and grant him life, Yemen”. (Encyclopedia for Chachamei Teiman page 94, is a copy of (other) poetry from MoreiSa’adia Damramri. This prayer and the identity of the writer are unknown, although he must have lived in the period of time in which Sa’adia Damramri was alive, the 19th century. 22 pages. 12x8 “cm. Slight defects in the margins of the last four pages, without any damage to the text. New binding. Good condition.
Item sold at $160 Starting at $120
LOT: 066

Handwritten Kabbalah and Pizmonim, Yemen. 19th Century

In the beginning (pages 2-6) is KavanatHaTkiot for Rosh Hashana, according to the Kabbalah. Afterwards, (pages 7-15) is Pizmonim and prayers from Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. (pages 16-22) ‘Bracha LaRabim’ and Pizmonim for Sukkot. (Pages 23-34) Slichot. Luxurious Leather binding, with stamps and leather string for tying. Pleasant handwriting. Cover page with no text, has geometric images and was crafted later on, minor moth holes in the binding. Cover page and inscription of Hebrew numbers. 18x16 “cm. 65 pages. Overall very good condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 067

Lot of 2 Handwritten – ‘Beracha LaRabim. Yemen, 1936. Tfilat Rabbi Yishmael and Bakashot

Pleasantly hand written Bakasha for Rabbu Yishmael. 1. Le Ashmoret Haboker. As was accustomed in Yemen Le Omram Be Ashmoret Halayla. Identity of the writer is unknown. 44 pages. Most likely square Yemenite handwriting. 12x9 “cm. Without binding. Moth holes. Overall fair-poor condition. 2. Handwritten Bracha LeRabim in square, neat Yemenite writing. Without a cover page. Bracha Larabim is a long prayer which begins with the words: “Yakum Porkana Min Shemaya”. There are those who customarily recite it on Simchas Torah after the Hakafot. 5 pages. 20 “cm. New binding. Stains. Overall very good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 068

Lot of two Hand written manuscripts. Yemen. 19th Century

Lot of two hand written texts. Yemen. 1. Handwritten anthology of Ashmorot in thick cursive writing including side notes that were erased. On page 39 there are ownership inscriptions in late handwriting “Yechiye Yosef”. 58 pages in total. 16x12 “cm. Without a binding. Overall good condition. 2. “Nashod” booklet. Anthology of songs for rejoicings. And Yom Tov. On page 38 is Brachat Ha Orech as is customary in Yemen in Sheva Brachot. From page 41, the service by the copyist is unknown. 58 pages in total. 23x9 “cm. Ownership inscriptions “Yosef ben YichyeTzichi”- ShimonYosefTzichi. Without a binding. Detached pages. Overall good-fair condition.
Item sold at $140 Starting at $120
LOT: 069

Lot of 2 Handwritten manuscripts Yemen. End of 19th Century.

Lor of two handwritten manuscripts. Yemen. 1. Handwritten prayers for TchinotLeYamot. Ownership signatures. 10.5 x8 “cm. New binding. Overall good condition. 2. Handwritten copy of Midrashim about the Torah. And parts of the Xohar. Identity of the writer is unknown. 12.5x10 “cm. Unprofessional handwriting. 19 pages. New binding. Overall good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 070

Lot of Two Handwritten manuscripts. Yemen 19th Century.

Lot of two hand written manuscripts. Yemen. 1. Handwritten Dikduk in commonly spoken Hebrew. Exegesis of the Teamim in form of Amida and Hiluch, a copy from the booklet of Tijan. Incomplete copy. 12 pages. 12 “cm. New binding. Stains. Overall good condition. 2. Handwritten list of Pirke Mishnayotfrom Shas according to alef – bet. Most likely made in order to remember the Mishnayot by heart. Yemen 19th century. Pleasant miniature handwriting. 10 “cm. 48 pages. New binding. Stains. Overall good condition.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $100
LOT: 071

Lot of two Handwritten manuscripts. Yemen 19th Century.

Lot of two handwritten manuscripts. 19th century. 1. Handwritten Dinei Mila according to the order of Shulchan Aruch including nusach of Brachot for after the mila and BirchatHaOrech (missing). Pleasant and consistent handwriting. Most likely a pocket book of the Mohel of Yemen approximately end of 19th century. 12x9 “cm. 24 pages. New binding. Stains. Overall good condition. 2. Handwritten copy of Shearei Tehara LaMaharitz (incomplete). In spoken Yemenite Hebrew. Writing of a professional author. Additions in the margins. 24 pages. 12x8 “cm. Beginning of the 19th century. New binding. Stains. Overall good condition.
Item sold at $190 Starting at $100
LOT: 072

Lot of Two Handwritten Likutei Midrashim. Yemen 19th Century.

Lot of two handwritten manuscripts of Likutei Midrashim 1. Handwritten Likutim from Divrei Chachameinu regarding the Ten Martyrs and from the book of Ma’aseRokach. SeferPa’anach Raba. Sefer Kavenet Shmuel. Wondrous things from Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli and the Kabbalists. Pleasant and professional handwriting. Identity of the writer is unknown. 19 pages. 12x9 “cm. New binding. Good condition. 2. Handwriten Likutim from Divrei Chachameinu. Midrashim and Ma’asiyot from four drashot. 10x7 “cm. 6 pages. 10 “cm. Stains. New binding. Overall good condition.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $100
LOT: 073

Lot of pages and remnants of pages removed from books.

Lot of 15 pages and remnants of pages that were removed from books from the 16th century to the 18th century. Commentaries. Midrashim. Passages from the Rambam on Hilchot Tefillin, donations, penitents, swearing, etc. Not thoroughly examined, some torn and crumbling in different places. Different conditions and sizes.
Item sold at $1200 Starting at $120
LOT: 074

Lot of single handwritten pages. North Africa and Yemen

Lot of 86 handwritten pages. Some in Middle Eastern writing and some in square writing. Amongst them a complete pamphlet, parts of pamphlets, illustrated title pages in color and single pages. Page content not examined | Sizes and conditions vary.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $120
LOT: 075

The Book of Mishmert Akodesh. Livorno, 5633 | 1873. Bound together with two manuscripts

The book is a prayer book for all Sabbaths of the year, and includes: four parashiyot, Shabbat-Yom Tov, Hoshanot, prayers for rain and dew,and various unknown songs. At the beginning of the book, in nice, voweledMiddle Eastern handwriting is "The song of songs", with "L'shemYechud" before it, and a prayer after it.Also included is "LechuNeranena" and the other psalms that are customary to recite forKabbalat Shabbat, the chorus of "Bar Yohai", Zohar, and "L'shemYachud" which precedes Kiddush. At the end of the book, another manuscript, which includes [48] songs with a detailed index. At the end of the book appears the birth dates of the children and family of the author of the book. 8;114; [4], 19; [5] Pages. 17cm. Worn leather binding partly detached. Rear cover missing. [2] last pages detached. General condition: Fair-good.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $120