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LOT: 202

Ashrei HaIsh with dedication handwritten by the author, the kabbalist Rabbi Asher Zelig Margaliot.

A book on the issur in becoming involved with evildoers, with the endorsement of Yitzhak Zelig Morgenstern of Katzk, and Haim Elazar Shapira of Munkatch. At the front of the book is the pamphlet Gedola Teshuva, Shot of the author with his teacher, Rabbi Shlomo Eliezer Elfandry. Printed by Breslev, Jerusalem 1927. Cover page has a dedication by the author. | Rabbi Yeshaya Asher Zelig Margaliot, the Riyaz (1893-1969) was a student of Rav Haim Shaul HaKohen Davik at his yeshiva (Rechovot HaNahar) in HaBukharim, studied kabbalah. He was one of only three people whom the Saba Kadisha shook hands with. Regular communication with the Chazon Ish. Also exchanged letters with the Admor Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar, and was very friendly with him. | Stamps of owernship. | 8, 78 pages. 21cm. Generally good condition.
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