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LOT: 054

Asher L’Avraham on the Pesach Haggadah, with a commentary on PirkeiAvot and ShirHaShirim and more. Authored by the RahagRav Avraham Pontremoli, a sage of Izmir. First and only edition. Izmir, 1887. Rare.

Avraham Pontremoli was born to Leah and Haim Binyamin Pontremoli in Izmir, Turkey. He studied under his father, the author of the PetachDvir. His maternal grandfather is Yehoshua Avraham Krispin, the ChachamBashi of Izmir and author of the book Avraham BeMachazeh. He was a great rabbi, much learned in Torah and halacha, critical (as testified by Rabbi Avraham Palagi, who was Rabbi of Izmir. He died in 1891. His books include ChinuchLaNoar (mussar and practical matters), Eved Avraham (slichot), and Asher L’Avraham. Generally good condition. Rebound. 77 pages.
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