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LOT: 122

Amulet of the Ilan HaKadosh—roll of paper. From the 1840s.

Printed on paper. 8 sheets of paper attached to one another. Divided into three main sections, with foundations of kabbalistic knowledge, kabbalistic charts and illustrations, and the Ilan HaKadosh—the family tree from Rabbi Meir Paprash of Gurei HaAri. Large theoretical part which explains visually the foundations of kabbalah, and is designed for those studying kabbalah, and as the Admor Rabbi Yeshaya Moshkat of Prague (son-in-law of Rabbi Yitzhak of Radovil and student of the Maggid of Kozhnitz and friend of the Chiddushei HaRim) writes in his endorsement for the printing of the Ilan HaKadoesh: “its holy sayings are worth more than gold and pearls, it includes all of the sayings of the Ari…and whomever is proficient in its holy sayings can definitely deal with the wisdom of kabbalah.” The amulet bears a segulah of safeguarding the holder from damage and for raising boys. | Given in a matching case made of tin, which is falling apart and defective. | Length: around 3.5m, width: around 21cm. Professional repair in the upper part with light damage to text. Generally good condition.
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