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LOT: 178

Amulet for preservation hand-done by the Kabbalist Rabbi Nasim Moyel.

For hanging in the home, with gold and silver inscriptions on a light purple background. Kabbalistic drawings and holy names, for preservation from ills. According to the Ari, Rabbi Elazar of Gremitze-HaRokach, and Rabbi Eliyahu Ba’al Shem. Signature of Rabbi Nasim Moyel (1935-2018), born in Alig (Morocco), grandson of Rav Masoud Moyel, a famous kabbalistic. He was given smicha by the Rabbanut of Morocco, and studied Kabbala from important kabbalists. His home became a pilgrimage site for thousands of Jews who requested his advice and blessing. Also authored the series Minchat Ani, Maleh HaOmer, Shemen LaMaor, and more. 44x25cm, generally very good condition.
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