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LOT: 363

A Wedding Invitation, With a Long Addition in the Handwriting and with the Signature of the Rebbe of Lelov

A letter from the Rebbe Rabbi Shimon Biderman of Lelov, on the marriage of his youngest daughter to the grandson of the Rebbe of Vizhnitz, dated 18 Sivan 5749 [1988]. To Rabbi Natan Zvi Freidman, Rabbi of Shikun Hay in Bnei Brak, and author of the encyclopedia ‘Otzar HaRabbanim’ which contains twenty thousand entries of Rabbis and Torah leaders. | In the right part of the invitation the Rebbe adds a long addition in his handwriting and with his signature and at the end blesses “And please God, I will also rejoice in your celebrations, Shimon Natan Netah Biderman son of the Rebbe of Lelov”. | The Rebbe Rabbi Shimon Natan Netah Biderman of Lelov [1931-2009], the son of Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Biderman – the Rebbe of Lelov. Known for his great humility, as one who does many kind deeds and as a miracle worker. In addition to his hundreds of disciples, thousands of people flooded to his door to ask for advice and blessings. Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman was one of his followers. On the night of Yom Kippur 2009, after leading the congregation in the Kol Nidrei prayer, he went into his room, and died. Hundreds of thousands of people attended his funeral on Motzaei Yom Kippur, and he was buried next to his ancestors on the Mount of Olives. | Overall condition: Very good.
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