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LOT: 366

A Letter of Recommendation from the Rebbe the ‘Yeshuot Moshe’ of Vizhnitz

The letter is dated 26 Elul 5717 [1957]. On official letter paper and with the handwritten signature and stamp of the Rebbe of Vizhnitz. Written about 15 years before he was appointed as Rebbe, when he held the most important positions within the Chassidut as Av Beit Din of the Vizhnitz neighborhood and as the Rosh Yeshiva. The Rebbe Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager [1916-2012], the fifth Rebbe of Vizhnitz. One of the greatest Rebbes in the world and the chairman of the Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah of Agudat Yisrael. 16x24 cm. Folding marks. Aging stains. Tiny tears in the margins. Overall condition: Good-very good.
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