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LOT: 351

A Letter from the Rebbe Naftali Chaim Halberstam of Gorlitz to Chief Rabbi Herzog

A letter on official letter paper, in the handwriting and with the signature of the Rebbe Rabbi Naftali Chaim Halberstam of Gorlitz. The letter is dated Wednesday of the portion of Beha’alotcha 1929. In the letter, the Rebbe asks Rabbi Herzog to send him his books to Poland. It is interesting that he refers to himself as Halberstam – Twersky, using his mother’s maiden name. | Rabbi Naftali Chaim Halberstam [1895-1944], grandson of Rabbi Baruch of Gorlitz, son of the ‘Divrei Chaim’ of Sanz. On his mother’s side he was a grandson of the Rebbe of Hornosteipel. Died at a young age in Siberia. | Folding marks. Aging stains. | Overall condition: Good.
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