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LOT: 017

A large and impressive Torah scroll in Beit Yosef script with a special and rare tag – Germany 18th century

A Torah scroll in Beit Yosef script, 18th century. Especially light considering the size of the scroll. Rolled on atzei chaim. At the top of the page are interesting and rare tags. A crimson velvet mantle embroidered by hand with silver thread on a green-turquoise background with gold and brown decorations. On both sides are two enwrapped pillars, above them in the center is a crown, and on both sides are lions. In the center, beneath the letters kaf taf (Keter Torah) inside a gold border is the dedication: This was donated by the commander Tima K Lazer son of Yitzchak Segal of Lenenfeld and his lofty modest wife Blumah daughter of Sender from Katan Welshtdat in 1782. Good general condition. Wooden atzei chaim in good condition. Height of the parchment 63 cm, height of the text 52 cm. Faded writing. Not sold as kosher.
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