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LOT: 432

Oil painting on canvas, “The Shoemaker,” signed by the artist Johnathan Menaker.

An old Jewish shoemaker focused on his work by candelight, with his tzitzit out and his work instruments laid out on the table to his left. The work was inspired by the story of Rabbi Yisrael Salant, who arrived at a shoemaker’s house late at night and saw him sitting and doing his work by the light of the dying candle. The rabbi asked him why he was not retiring from his work, and he replied that "as long as the candle is lit it is still possible to fix things." Rabbi Yisrael was moved by what he said, and applied it even moreso to himself: if the body's needs can be corrected as long as the candle is lit, the soul needs it all the more so since the candle of God is the soul of man. Size: 50x70cm. Very good condition. The artist was born in 1976 in Russia, studied art from a young age and continued in the field when he moved to Israel in 1991. He is a promising contemporary artist who focuses on Judaica and Jewish art, and succeeds in demonstrating originality and innovation with each work.
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