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LOT: 370

A Collection of Leaves and Protocls of Beit Din in the Handwriting of Mori Yichye Tzalach – Maharitz

A collection of fragments of leaves from the Beit Din of Mori Yichye Tzalach (Maharitz 1715-1805), the foremost Yemenite sage of the 18th century, Dayan, Av Beit Din and Chief Rabbi of all Yemenite Jewry. Author of the book “Peulat Tzadik” and more. Among those who set the stones for the Yemenite prayer liturgy. On one of the leaves is the name: …Al Moussa son of Said in 83 Lshtarot (244 years ago), matches the Maharitz’s handwriting and the period. The leaves were inside a book owned by the Maharitz. A total of ten leaves sized: 3x8/8x8/4x5.5 cm.
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