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LOT: 066

Lot of 5 books bound together

1. Hevel Nevi’im—commentary on songs of Shabbat by the Ari, issues of Shabbat and an article by the Rama of Pano, commentary of the Ari on Masechet Avot. Warsaw 1883. 2. Beit HaMelachot—commentary on Megillat Ruth by Rabbi Yeshaya Yaakov HaLevi, Av Beit Din of Alesk. Krakow 1891. 3. Sha’ar HaShirim, piyyutim for Shabbat by Rabbi Moshe Shlomo of Tolozhin, student of the Vilna Gaon. Warsaw 1889. 4. Shirah LeChaim on the reasons behind the 613 mitzvot according to the Gr”a by Haim ben Zevulun, Av Beit Din of Staroflaya. Berdichov 1908. 5. Pamphlet, “Leshon Tzaddik,”—by the Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Kluger. 4 pages. No cover. Moth damage, pages torn and taped in Chevel Nevi’im, covers and pages disconnected. Generally ok to good condition.
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