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8 volumes of the Talmud Bavli with translation to German by Eliezer (Lazarus) Goldschmidt. Berlin-Vienna 1925

Talmud printed according to the first publication of Daniel Bombirgi in Venice, with different versions/words included, and German translation around the Hebrew. Published by Binyamin Hertz. 10 volumes including 8 sections (sections 7-8 are divided into 2 volumes each), out of 9 known ones. Defects to binding. Stains and defects. Apart from that generally very good condition. 31cm. Heavy weight due to page quality. Translator Eliezer [Lazarus] Goldschmidt [(1871-1950), a Jewish-Lithuanian scholar and orientalist, studied in his youth at the Knesset Yisrael yeshiva in Slabodka and translated many books into German. This work of translating the Talmud into German was fiercely criticized by Rabbi David Zvi Hoffman shortly after it was published. Goldschmidt replied to him in his essay, "The Criticism of Lord R. D. Hoffman on My Talmud Edition in the Light of Truth." The translation was done throughout the Shas except for part of Kedoshim and Taharot. It is accepted that this is the authorized version of the Talmud in the German language to this day
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