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LOT: 052

8 items from India, booklets, invitation to a bar mitzvah.

1. Rare item, an invitation to a bar mitzvah, Bombay 1963, with picture of the boy. Printed and filled in by hand. 2. Book of slichot, Hebrew and Hindi, pages facing one another, 1935. 3. Seder Tashlich for the first day of Rosh Hashanah, Bombay 1953, good condition. 4. Book of piyyutim in Hebrew and Hindi, pages facing one another, 1913. 5. Book of slichot with Hatarat Nedarim, Bombay 1935, all in Hebrew. With signatures and listing of ownership. 6. Cloth cover with flowery embroidery, with needlepoint of the Ten Commandments, printed in the shape of the two tablets. Purple ink. With a silvery framework. 30x35cm. Special item. Additional printed items. In total, 8 items. Important and rare lot.
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