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LOT: 062

Three books of kabbalah, first printings, in one volume—Amsterdam/Livorno printings.

1. Safra d’Tzniuta d’Yaakov, a work of kabbalah by Rabbi Yaakov ben Eliezer Temirlash, printed in Amsterdam 1669. 2. Igrot HaRemez, answers on the kabbalah by Rabbi Moshe Zechut. Printed in Livorno 1780. 3. VeShav HaKohen, kabbalistic work by Rabbi Avraham ben Yehiel Michal Katz of Lask [Poland]. Printed in Livorno in 1788. Stamp and signature of ownership on the cover. Pages disconnected, moth damage, stains from water and signs of wear, not bound, generally good condition.
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