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LOT: 341

4 books of Kabbalah

1. “Tor Bareket” by HaRav Haim HaCohen from Aleppo, a clear student of Rabbi Haim Vitel, Amsterdam, 1654. Missing a number of pages at the start and end of the book, bound with a number of pages telling the story of peoples lives from the 17th-18th century. 2. “Mishnat Hakhamim” of HaRav Moshe Hageez, Tsarnobitz 1864, with certificates of the Admor of Sanz and the Admor of Komarno, excellent condition with original binding. 3. “Otzrot Haim” of Moharhav, Tunis 1903, with printed dedication to a donating kingpin in gold ink, signature of ownership on the title page, good condition, original binding is loose. 4. “Pri Ha’Etz” on the Torah, Munkatch 1885, good condition, signature of ownership on the cover, light defect on the title page, different sizes.
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