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30.01.2017 - Online Auction No 1

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LOT: 013

To’amiya Haim Zachu—Jerusalem 1924-7.

Commentary using the kabbalah on the book Etz Haim by Rabbi Haim Vittel; written by Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Maharil (?-1939), a rabbi and kabbalist who moved to Jerusalem from Zagar in Lithuania, a student and friend of the “Lashem Shebo v’Achlama”—Rav Shlomo Elyashiv, whom he is buried next to on the Mt of Olives. Three sections in three volumes. The first has two covers and a stamp of Rabbi Yehoshua Alter Weidelman, Av Beit Din of Kansikvalya [Poland], author of: Binyan Yehoshua, Emek Yehoshua, and more. Various conditions, generally ok to good condition.
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LOT: 014

Mishneh Torah by the Rambam. Jerusalem 1944-1946, edited by the Grash Wazner.

With all the interpretations and new additions. Additions: changes in nuscha’ot and Sefer HaLeket, including a collection from hundreds of books that explained halachot in the Rambam, “all of this great work, collecting various phrasings and exegeses done through great work by the Rahag Shmuel HaLevi Wazner shlita, one of the rabbis of the Holy City of Jeruslaem, with whom rabbis worked in the holy work.” The book was printed in Jerusalem, by Pagi. In the set are four volumes. Before us is everything that was printed. In the bibliographic information it is written that the book was printed in pamphlets, and later bound into four volumes. Volume 1: Science, Love. Volumes 2-3: Times. Volume 4: Women [section 1]. Every volume has two covers. The first is illustrated. The collection is the first book by the posek of the generation, Rabbi Shmuel HaLevi Wazner (1913-2015), rabbi of Zichron Meir and head of the Khochmei Lublin yeshiva. Apart from this work, which he published in his youth, he wrote a series of Q&A books, Shevet Levi, and many additional works. The set is bound with the original binding. Excellent condition.
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LOT: 015

Otzar HaChesed Keren Shmuel, Jerusalem 1940.

Report by Keren Tzedakah with the name “Keren Shmuel” in Jerusalem with the name of the Rabbi of Jerusalem, Gaon Tzaddik Rabbi Shmuel Salant. Edited and organized for printing by Dov Natan Brinker, in commemoration of the death of the Grash Salant. A few water stains and folding in the exterior binding, generally very good condition.
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LOT: 016

Lot of books of kabbalah printed in Jerusalem.

1. Yeshev Rucho, 1931. Tikkun for a widow, organized by the Rashash HaKadosh, published by Rabbi Asher Zelig Margaliot. Cover page is a little torn. 2. Ateret Yosef, first section, called Mosdot HaAretz 1899. By Rabbi Yosef from Liskve. 3. Simchat Yom Tov 1926. By Rabbi Yom Tov HaLevi Tedid. 4. Olat Tammid, Jerusalem 1907. By Rabbi Yaakov ben Haim Tzemach. Various conditions, some not bound, with damage from time. Generally ok to good condition.
Starting at $50