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LOT: 041

Lot 2 books signed by scholars of Izmir

Lot 2 books signed by scholars of Izmir: 1. Q & A 'Shaagat Arie' and 'Kol Shachar', Salonika, on page 1 the signing of the gaon Rabbi Shlomo Hakim - famous and significant genius, one of the greatest scholars of his generation in Izmir in the second half of the sixth century, wrote a book a complete work, more about the greatness and holiness see Attached, (missing the title, and the first few pages of impaired). 2. Chok LeIsrael Shmot, Beina 1816, the exchange signed by Rabbi Yauda Hako - sages and rabbis of Izmir, smart and a great genius, father of Rabbi Eliyahu Hako author ofthe "Matza Chen", on first page signed with initials Ihi"tz [Yehuda Hako Ishmarehu Tzur], original leather, red leaf cutting. Good condition, different size.
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