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26.09.2016 - Auction No. 11


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LOT: 051

Set of mishnayot from the Va’ad Hatzalah. New York 1951

Set of 8 sections of Mishnayot. Zra’im section 1 is missing the cover and first page. Two sections have disconnected bindings. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 052

Two books, one printing

1. Sefer HaMiddot: by Mordechai bar Avraham Dov Lichtstein Brisk, 1925, mussar and education for boys. Yiddish with introduction in Hebrew. Good condition, 31 pages. 2. “Or HaTzvi” Lublin 1875, by Rav Zvi Hirsch ben Mordechai Barles, drashot on the Mikra’ot in the Tanach and many articles from the Chazal on the agadot of the Shas and midrashim. Good condition. New binding, 160 pages.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 053

Lot of 5 books from forged printings

1. Tashbetz from Cremona printing. 1816, by Rav Shimshon bar Tzaddok, inside is a list of laws included in the four sections of the Shulchan Aruch. Good minhags. Riddles and gematriya. Good condition, blue pages, some holes in a few pages. 35 pages. 2. “Questions and Answers from the Mahari Mintz” Furth, 1765. Tear in the first page, no page numbering. Generally good condition. 3. “Sha’arei Tshuva,” by Rabbeinu Yonah. Vienna. 1778. Last pages have holes, the last page has tape, there is no page numbers. 4. Machzor Raba, for Pesach, Redelheim, without a printing year. Generally good condition. Pocket format. 5. “Tehilim with Ma’amadot,” pocket format. Missing parts. Amsterdam 1863. Missing the first title page, generally good condition.
Starting at $250
LOT: 054

Lot of 3 books from forged printings

1. Zohar Chadash, Amsterdam 1804, printed by Moharar Yaakov from Rav Naftali Hertz from Brod, 144 pages, original binding is torn, last page is missing a bit. 2. “Tzohar,” with the over of the Ark. Vilna/Hordna 1820, a nice book…includes grammar by the great grammarian Shlomo HaKohen, known as Zalman Hana. No page numbering, good condition. 3. “Karnayim,” Amsterdam 1765, by Rabbeinu Aharon HaZaken with commentary Din Yadin, 63 pages, good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 055

Lot of 3 medical books

1. Mazor v’Trufah in two sections, mussar for youth “to stop their urge for evil abominations. Medicines. And proper behavior.” Also the order for eating and drinking. By Dr. Rabbi Avraham Bar Stern. 50 pages. Warsaw 1857. Generally good condition. 2. Refu’at HaAtzbenut (Hilnog Dernerwazitat)—“why are you weak and sad, even more so when you could be strong of spirit?” By Y. ben Tzvi. Kosice, 1935. 48 pages. Good condition. 3. Darchei Refuah L’Chet, “warnings common for educating children. Good advice and natural medicines and medical drugs for treating spiritual illnesses. By Yaakov ben Zvi Kosice. 1936, 16 pages, illustrations for understanding the treatment, good condition.
Starting at $300
LOT: 056

2 Books from the Chafetz Haim. Moga

1. Sefer Nidchei Yisrael with principles of faith, in Yiddish, Warsaw 1897 with Mogah (in the holy handwriting of the Chafetz Haim. 148, 16 page, 23cm. Good condition, the spine is missing. 2. Ma’amar Torat HaBayit on Talmud Torah, Warsaw 1913, edition unknown, it doesn’t appear in the National Library or in Winograd-Rosenfeld, 22 page [1] good condition. The cover page is disconnected from the binding.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 057

Collection of 9 books on Pirkei Avot, among them are some with only one printing

1. Ben Bazi on Pirkei Avot by Rav Yehezkel ben Shalom Ratner (according to the riddle written by the compiler, it seems that this is Rabbi Yehezkel bar Shalom Ratner from Mahlov on the Dnieper). Vilna, printed by the widow and brothers Ram, 1891. 21 page. 22cm. New binding, only edition. Generally good condition. 2. Petach Tikvah on Pirkei Avot by Rav Isaiah Fox, the Av Beit Din of Parnichov, Warsaw 1855. [2] 27 page, 22cm. Lists of ownership, disconnected binding. Generally good condition. 3. Beit Avot, 4 commentaries on the Pirkei AVot. Warsaw, by Rav Y.M. Alter, Vilna, 1920. [1] 124 page, lists of ownership, loose binding. Generally good condition. 4. Kol Avot, commentary on Masechet Avot by Rav Yisrael ben Moshe Litvin, Riga 1937, 112 page [1] good condition. 5. Anaf Avot, by Rav Isaiah Hammer, Krakow 1889, [3] 24 page, only edition. Light holes without missing text. Generally good condition. 6. Bayit L’Avot, commentary on Pirkei Avot by Rav Yaakov Yehuda Leib ben Avraham Levi, Warsaw 1872, at the end are chiddushim from his father Rabbi Avraham and his brother Rabbi Shlomo Zalman, Rabbi Asher Lemil, Rabbi Nachum, and from his nephew Rabbi Zalman. [1] 43 page, on the binding is taped “given as a remembrance by the compiler to Rav Eliezer HaLevi.” 7. Toldot Yehoshua by Rabbi Yehoshua ben Aharon Heller, Vilna 1866, 107 page, lists of ownership, torn binding. At the end are some disconnected pages. Generally good condition. 8. Alsheech on Masechet Avot by Rabbi Moshe ben Haim Alsheech, with commentary from HaHida, Warsaw 1872. 63 page, 22cm. Wear on the binding. Generally good condition. 9. Mishneh Avot, with commentary of Rav Ovadiah of Bartenura. Warsaw 1879. 2, 66 page. Torn binding, generally good condition.
Starting at $350
LOT: 058

Lot of 2 books, first editions, copies partially missing

1. “Zoharei Chama,” from Rabbi Avraham ben Mordechai Azoulay (grandfather or great-grandfather of HaHida), and it is a commentary in brief on the Zohar, from the Or Yakar printings of Rabbi Avraham Galanti, Venice 1650. Printed only on Genesis. First edition! Missing the cover, 256 page, out of [4], 263 page. The book is in ok to good condition, moth marks in the margins on a number of pages. Original binding. Size 20cm. 2. “Imrei Shefer,” by Rav Naftali ben Yosef Ashkenazi, drashot and eulogies. Venice 1601, only edition! Missing the cover, original binding is disconnected, first page is repaired with light damage to text, moth marks on a number of pages, 220 page, size 20cm. Ok to good condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 059

Lot of 2 books bound together

1. Collection of songs and letters collected together by members of the Dorshei Lashon group in Koenigsberg. 1810. Period 1 and 3. For Nissan-Iyar-Sivan. 86 page. [19] [1] page. Pages are ripped out. Ok to good condition. Size: 18cm. 2. Darchei David, by Rabbi David ben Refael Maldula, Hamburg 1794. Droshim, pshatim, commentaries and chiddushim on each parshah. Amsterdam: [publisher unknown] 1793-4. The copy before us has three sections—Vayikra, BaMidbar, and Dvarim, with three separate cover pages. At the end are keys for all five sections. [1] 41 page. 49 page. [1] 41 page. Size: 18cm. Good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 060

Mamlechet Kohanim. By Rabbeinu Yosef Haim of Baghdad (the Ben Ish Hai). Dedication handwritten. Baghdad 1873

Seder Limmud HaKodesh, according to Yehezkel HaNavi. Yehoshua ben Yehotzedek HaKohen, Ezra the Scribe. By the Bin Ish Hai, Rabbeinu Yosef Haim. On the cover is a dedication in unknown handwriting. 53 page. Size: 17cm. Good condition.
Starting at $250
LOT: 061

Lot of 9 important books and lone editions. Djerba printings

1. Dagan Becorim composed by Rav Chatato David Khadouk, who died at a young age, around 20 years. Chiddushim on the Shas, Djerba 1938. Rare and important book, good condition. 2. “Tziyon b’Mishpat Tifdeh,” two sections, the first is chiddushim on the Five Books, the second is droshim, by Rav Tziyyon HaKohen Yehonatan, Djerba 1939. Good condition. 3. “Tnuvot Shaddai,” first section, laws of ritual slaughter, from the chief rabbi David Katroza, Djerba 1936, good condition. 4. “Ben Porat Yosef,” on a few masechtot, from the Rahag, Rabbi Yosef Berabi, Djerba 1942. Only edition, good condition. 5. Yakar HaErech, chiddushim and exegeses on the Tanach from Rav Matok Atugi Kohen, with translation into Arabic, with the book “Toldot u’Midot,” with a separate cover, Djerba 1940. Good condition. 6. Masechet Brachot with Rashi’s commentary with signs of the Mikraot. Djerba 1948. Good condition. 7. “Birkat Avraham” on Masechet Brachot by Rabbi Avraham HaKohen, Djerba 1933. Good condition. 8. “Zerah Yaakov” chiddushim on the Shas by Rabbi Refael Katzir, Djerba 1957. Good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 062

Lot of 4 books from Rabbi David ben Chassin bound together. Amsterdam 1727-1787

1. Tehillah L’David, songs by Rabbi David ben Chassin. Amsterdam 1727. 2. Warnings based upon halachot of tzitzit and tefillin. Brachot HaShachar by Rabbi David ben Chassin. Amsterdam 1727. 3. Halachot of ritual slaughter through poetry by Rabbi David ben Chassin. 1787. 4. Yikrah d’Shichvi, kinot and eulogies for rabbis and members of society. Without a year of printing. Signature of ownership of Shalom Elbaz. Binding and pages disconnected. Ok to good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 063

Mesillat Yesharim, Alexandria, 1938

By the Ramchal, with Even Shlomo and Igeret HaMussar. Gilded cover, on the spine is a gilded engraving “This book was printed by the dear eldest son, Sir Avraham Zaytuni of the Keter Torah company in Egypt” “Taken by Yaakov and spread in Israel for free.” On the page before the cover is a gilded engraving of the Blessing of the King for George V and Sultan Hussein. Wear, binding and pages are disconnected. Ok condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 064

Lot of 13 books and booklets in Hindi. 20th century

13 books written in Hindi. 1. Psalms all in Hindi. 2. Shirot. 3. Booklet Birkat HaHama. 4. Booklet Dat Lelamed for Bnei Yisrael, missing the end, there are 14 pages. 5. Seder Slichot and Hatarat Nedarim. Missing the first cover. Pages disconnected. Ok to good condition. 6. Seder Tashlich printed in Bombay 1953. The rest of the books are on various subjects connected to Jduaism, their content was not checked, nor the year of their printing. Some are partially missing. Pages disconnected. All of the books in ok condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 065

Lot of 9 books. Casablanca-Morocco. Some with dedications

1. Gvul Binyamin by Rabbi Shalom of Shash with dedication handwritten by the writer. Casablanca 1956. 2. Resisay Layla by Rabbi David Danino with picture of the writer on the page after the cover. Casablanca 1947. 3. Sharvit HaZahav by Rabbi David Danino with picture of the compiler on the page after the cover. Casablanca 1938. Vayizra Yitzhak by Rabbi Meir Amar with dedication by the writer in his handwriting, Casablanca 1951. 5. Shevach Haim, wondrous stories on Rabbi Haim Pinto by Rabbi Machluf Tarim. On the page before the cover is the picture of Rabbi Haim Pinto. Casabalnca 1939. 6. Mincha b’lula (in Judeo-Arabic) by Rabbi Baruch Asbag. Casablanca 1937. 7. “Tehila L’David” songs and praise by Rabbi David Chassin (first edition printed in Amsterdam 1806) with additions by Rabbi Aharon ben Chassin (separate covers). Tefillah L’David, placement of zevachim. Casablanca 1931. 8. “Shofriya d’Yosef” from the Maloven Rabbi Yosef HaKohen. With dedication by the publisher, not bound, Casablanca 1945. 9. Netivot Shalom by Rabbi Shalom Abitzror, droshim on the Torah. Casablanca 1933. Different sizes and conditions, generally good condition.
Item sold at $160 Starting at $100
LOT: 066

Lot of 2 books Chemdat Yamim with handwritten signatures

Mussar according to the Kabbalah and Torat HaAri for Shabbat. The book “Chemdat Yamim” and the question of the writer’s identity are at the center of a raging debate, the Gaon Rabbi Yaakov Amdin was the first who came out against the book with great vigor, and claimed that the compiler was Natan HaAzti, “the prophet” of Shabtai Zvi, and that the book is full of Shabtai-ist ideas. Following Rabbi Yaakov Amdin many communities banned this composition. On the other hand, many came out to defend the book’s honor, led by the Jerusalem Kabbalist Rabbi Menachem Menchen Halprin, in his book “Kvod Khachamim,” which pointed to, among other things, the fact that the book received the endorsement and recommendation of great rabbis. Until today it has not been declared who the author is and whether he was a Kabbalist or a Shabtai follower. The books are without cover and the first and last page, one copy seems to be a first edition (Izmir 1732). The books have a number of handwritten signatures. Different sizes and conditions.
Item sold at $220 Starting at $150
LOT: 067

Incunabula page from the Book of Samuel. Gothic German. Colored engravings by hand from the 15th century

Lone incunabula page from the Book of Samuel in Gothic German. On both sides of the page are colorful engravings done by hand from the period of printing. 15th century. Size: 23x36cm. Tear at the bottom of the page. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $160 Starting at $120
LOT: 068

Sefer Recanati on the Torah. Printed by Daniel Bombirgi. Vencie 1523. Copy is partially missing

Commentary on the Torah on Derech HaEmet by Rabbi Menachem of Recanati. Copy is missing cover, begins from Bereishit page 37 and ends with Parshat Pinchas on page 132 (originally 155 pages). Not bound. Pages are disconnected. Number of pages have tears, including damage to text. Stains from moisture and dryness. Bad to ok condition.
Starting at $200
LOT: 069

Se’ah Sulat-Merapeh LaNefesh. Mantua. 1561

On mussar, both bound together. The first section has a gloss on page 6. The printer was Yaakov Kohen. Stains, light moth damage. Cover is repaired on the sides, professional restoration. Ok condition. Second section (Merapeh LaNefesh)—the last 5 pages are repaired with damage to text. Cut in the upper margins. New binding. Ok to good condition.
Starting at $450
LOT: 070

Megillat Esther written by hand on parchment

Handsome writing. With an Etz Haim made from olivewood. 28 lines per column. Height of the parchment: 30cm. Not checked for kashrut!.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $120
LOT: 071

Megillat Esther written by hand on parchment. 19th century

With an etz haim made of olivewood (crack in the lower portion), covered in decorative velvet from the period. Writing is blurred. Stains and light reinforcement with tape. 30 lines per column. Height of the parchment: 23cm. Generally ok to good condition. 19th century.
Item sold at $350 Starting at $260
LOT: 072

Megillat Shir HaShirim written and illustrated by hand on parchment. Partially missing

Illustrated and drawn in wonderful colors by hand on parchment made by an artist. 3 separate sheets (not bound together). Missing 2 last chapters, “shuvi shuvi” and “mi yitnach k’ach li.” Seems to be from the first half of the 20th century.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
LOT: 073

Sefer Torah written by hand on parchment, includes a case in the Iraqi style, 19/20th century

According to the Sefardi Yerushalmi nusach, given in a wooden case covered in red velvet with silver decorations, including engravings in the upper and lower portions. “From the money of Haim ben Lulu and Roza bat Pracha.” Its interior and exterior are made into additional decorations, the tablets, lions holding a menorah, crowns, and a Star of David. Size: 97cm, width: 30cm. Size of the Torah: 52cm, 42 lines per column, the writing is by one hand throughout the text. So that the sefer torah would fit the case it was cut (unprofessionally) at its upper and lower margins (5cm remain between the writing and the edge of the parchment in the upper and lower margins). 19/20th century approximate (not sold as a kosher torah).
Item sold at $2000 Starting at $2000
LOT: 074

Ancient Sefer Torah written in old Ashkenazi writing, Germany or Poland, 16/17th century

With blocked lettering and letters in a different alphabet, including rare appearances of these letters. Given inside etz hayim made from bone and ivory, original from the period [years approximate]. The letters are according to the minhag of ancient sofrim—including rare, cursive characters. The letters pay and aleph appear hunched over (internally hunched over the middle of the letter), khet, yud, and taf are italicized (with the Ashkenaz tradition, decorations on the two edged feet), special decorations for lamed, mem, and dalet, the nun and nun sofit of “zachor” are reversed, and additional letters are different. The book’s writing is according to the ancient Ashkenazi tradition, including missing and extra letters, open and closed parshiyot, big and small letters, vowelled letters (special vowelling above the list of chosen letters). This sefer was written according to the ancient custom of the sofrim, as described in the ancient text known as “Sefer Ta’agi,” discussed by the Rambam in Halachot Sefer Torah, Chapter 7, Halacha 8 written: “be careful with the large and small letters and the vowelled letters and the bent letters, such as the pay, alef, yud, and nun sofit that bend backwards and the crooked letters, as the sofrim copied one from his predecessor. Take care with the tagging of letters, there is a letter above which is one tag and another with seven…” As it appears in this book, the word “v’he’ezina” and in other places. This manner of writing disappeared gradually over the generations, because of the inconsistency in various iterations and the need to rely on Rambam’s answer according to which the Sefer Torah wouldn’t be disqualified on the basis of the square tagging and the changing letters. The tradition of blocked lettering and the hunched letters still is preserved in some Ashkenazi sifrei torah from a later period. In the last few generations, no sifrei torah have been written in this style. All of the preceding information is gathered from a detailed critical article (p. 19) by a researcher who studies this field, with detailed explanation of all the changes. According to the research findings and the examination—some of the tagging and hunched letters are unknown from other sources. There is evidence that the sefer could have been written in Germany and other that it was in Poland, but it is unclear. 52 lines per column. Size of the parchment: 64cm. Condition: relative to the age of the sefer it is in good condition, the writing is clear throughout the sefer but some of the places are blurred, browned letters. It is all in one consistent handwriting, complete. Not sold as kosher.
Item sold at $2500 Starting at $2500
LOT: 075

Sefer Torah written by hand on parchment. Romania end of the 19th century

Brought to Israel after WWII by one of the Romanian communities by Rav David Moshe Rosen. Rav Rosen was a kollel rav and was apoointed at the Koral synagogue in Bucharest on July 20, 1948. As part of his activity with the Zionist leadership in Israel, in 1964 he brought a number of sifrei Torah to Israel with the cooperation of the Joint Committee, which were then shared with synagogues throughout Israel. This was given by the Ministry for Religious Affairs and the Joint Committee in 1967. Nice writing, a little blurred in sections. Size of the parchment: 41cm. Consistent, complete writing. Not sold as kosher.
Item sold at $1100 Starting at $1100