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LOT: 222

Shma Yaakov bound together with Ara d’Rabanan. Copy of the Maharit Rabbi Yom Tov Elgazy. Constantinople, 1745.

Cover page are signatures of ownership handwritten of the Maharit Elgazy (1727-1802), a Shadar and head of the Beit El kabbalistic yeshiva. Friend of HaHida. Son of Rav Yisrael Yaakov Elgazy. Moved with his father to Jerusalem, where his father served as Rishon LeZiyyon. He studied with his father, and at the Beit Yaakov Ferrara yeshiva with Rav Yona Navon (the Nechape b’Kesef), and at the Beit El yeshiva under the Rashash. He succeeded Sharabi as head of Beit El and served as Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and the rest of the country from 1777 until his death.He often traveled to Europe to solicit funds for the Jerusalem community and was warmly welcomed by Hungarian Rabbis Moses Sofer and Akiva Eiger. In 1773 he visited Bordeaux, France.When rumors spread that the Jews of Jerusalem were planning to aid Napoleon's petition of the city, Algazi publicly declared loyalty to the Turks and gathered the community to offer prayers for an Ottoman victory at the Wailing Wall. Together with Rabbi Mordechai Meyuchas, Algazi organized a Jewish contingent to reinvigorate the city's defenses.The names of his published works are: Get Mekushar (1767), Shemot Yom Tov and Hilkhot Yom Tov (1794), Kedushat Yom Tov (1843). He is buried in the Mount of Olives, next to his father and the Rashash. Shma Yaakov [4], 121, [1] page. Ara d’Rabanan 36 pages. 29cm. Light moth holes. Tape on the cover page. Stains. Generally ok to good condition.
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