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LOT: 051

23 items from North Africa—pictures and booklets.

Important and rare lot of 23 items from North Africa. Some are rare booklets, some are pictures of rabbis. Picture of the Rahag, Ephraim Nakawa, riding a lion, with the writing "a day will come and the Rabbi will come to Tlemcen on a lion, in whose mouth will be a snake." Additional pictures of some tsaddikim and rabbis from Morocco. Number of pamphlets and booklets printed in Morocco, Paris, Djerba, by rabbis of Morocco. "Chesed v'Emet," by Rav Yismach Ovadia, Djerba 1938. "Siman Bracha l'Rosh Hashanah" Casabalanca 1961. "Keren Meshicho" haftara for the eighth day of Pesach, with commentary in Arabic, Tunis 1910. "Yismach Tzaddik" by Rav Yismach, Casabalanca 1940. "Chesed v'Emet" in Ladino, Istanbul 1953. And more. Different sizes, most are in excellent condition.
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